Sunday, July 11, 2004

Equations of life

To live
is to think
is to reflect
is to improve
and to do
is to flounder and perform
is to achieve
to give
is to receive
satisfaction supreme.

written (? July - Nov 1997)

Old joting

How little did I know you
when I turned
towards you
in hope
and trust.

The world warned,
yet love beckoned.
I heeded not the former.
Believing you'll
keep me warm
in hearth and heart,
your love'll
be my armour.

Time disproved
and I regret not
nor tears are shed
any day, any more.

Life couldn't
have taught
in a sweeter way-
seek from none,
expect not,
place belief
in none
thy self!

dates not known ? 1997

A season of Love

Now you call
and tell me of love
when directions have changed
so has my vision.

Yes, my friend
we trod indeed once
alleys of passion
in need of company
were we
walking together,
we spoke
but listened not
to pain and
the yearn
that was harboured
inflicted on the other
until beyond yonder
we were swamped
by high tides of time
our hearts
parted without wonder
we now stand apart
not only in space
values as well
have changed
aspirations too
I no longer seek
even friendship
out of you.

This is how
I like
to reflect when
wisdom knocks ashore
some reason:
what we'd shared
was just a passing season-
strangers we were then
strangers we're now
and as souls
strangers we shall
always be
even in Heaven.

(written on 29.11.95)

Old jotings

Adam was born
in quest of knowledge
to seek and strive
for more
and comprehend
then bow before
who created
microscopically, histologically,
and at times
to manifest
organised being
of Man.

Written on 27.12.97