Friday, November 26, 2010


Moving around
merged within a sea
of humanity
I strove earnestly
with many a seeking
wanting souls, demanding-
a greater share
of wholesome Divinity.

I ache too
to dissolve - submit
my cells, in their
bare molecular form
to be part, adorn
mosaic that purposeful nature forms -
my tangible self
does yearn its place
in vastness thats Yours.

Lips converse each day
with Thee, and
many a prayers whisper'd
some said aloud
others beseech in murmurs
I listen with silent lips -
in awe
as arid flesh does struggle
to articulate only utterance
of my soul.

Hear me Lord here,
where You've
called for me
listen to me above thunderous rolls
frightening rise and fall of sea
within its waves
is a tiny form
the particle that carries
name of me
has presented Yea
with its discrete call
and a plea.

I've said before
I say again with glee-
here I am
ready to heed
be available
to soak and drench
in sweat and rain
I'll happily toil
in submission, I've turned
to thee - so reject me not
as its your turn now
please do accept Me.

Lost Soul

I wanna know
who I am
where I belong.

Starting from East
from a land
of diversity,
where black and brown
held cheerful stance
to dance gleefully
in paucity;
in prime
I walked
thru' sun and sand
across span of seven seas
to western land
where I merged
with ease
to abide
amidst human hues
of white, yellow
dark, stark and sallow
but I had
lost me.

In seeking answer
to know myself
will it be then
of any help
to start to question
probe some further -
What is the colour
of a human soul?


I was happy
when you tiptoed
ever so silently behind
to hold hands
and walk beside
oblivious to the storm
raging within
you dissloved
to blend with me
as one.

I know you now -
where art thou?