Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mount of snow

I sit still in wait
Like a snow clad mount
Immovable and wrapped
In my cover of cold
Drawing a breath
I listen to echo
That calls on heart
To let go
Of all that I hold
To strike and kindle
Fire of faith
It's flames will enlighten
Burn fear of unknown.

Friday, May 30, 2014

बात क्या है

जब भी किसी बात का
लगता है मतलब समझ लिया
ज़िंदगी का कम से कम 
एक पाठ तो रपट लिया
तुम झट पृष्ठ पलट
अक़्ल की औक़ात बतला देते हो
उसी बात का
दूसरा नया पहलू दिखा देते हो!

बस साथ बहो

सेहरा और समुन्दर 
दोनों हैं सागर;
एक रेत के कण लिये फिरता है
दूजा आब की बूंदों में बहता है - 
कण का अस्तित्व तभी तक
जब तक लहर के साथ बहे
नहीं तो गर्द का धब्बा या पानी का क़तरा -
पुंछना ही इनका नसीब है।

Desires - pause!

Winds of desire
Pause - what you seek
And plunge and forge
Through me
Is wasted spent
of your might
If indeed you want
To wreak havoc
Do roar and thunder
To uplift me in swoon
As one-pointed force
To be handed 
In submission
To Source of Divine
For that's only worthwhile 
Pursuit and goal
The rest - mere figments
Of this and that
Are pointless chase
Meaningless and futile!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

घायल से दवा का सवाल क्या करना,
वह तो खुद ही
कभी नश्तर कभी हकीम का दर ढूंढता है!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring clean

I've spring cleaned
Taken stock
In my heart's abode
All is gone
I've rid
All frivolous frolic 
There upon 
On inventory list
Is only my name  on record
It gives me strength 
To muster grit
Have this writ
Lord may I propose -
I wanna be just with You
Will You also be mine?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Here I ask

Night of ascension
Here see
I am on my knee
Many a deed
Have gone wrong
When I tried 
In face of rejection, treachery
And failed to be strong
have nought
No excuse, 
I will use
Just foolish ignorance is my plea 
Befriend me today
here it seems
There's little purpose left
Let me rest in your arms
And when it's time for dawn
Just take me along
To meet Him far away
Where Truth illumines to say
No need to try 
To be this way or that
You are near just
As you are
My dear you've just got
To be.
शब्द तुम
शब्द रस तुम्हारा 
व्यथा में रचित
लीला तुम्हारी
बस कृतित हूँ मैं 
और कथा हमारी -
जो सुनो सही
हो  कृपा तुम्हारी।

Sunday, May 25, 2014

how r you ? -
when he enquires
what do i reply then
am i lost?
or, am i found?
am i destined?
or have i willed,
where i stand?
my here and now -
was it imposed
or, a matter of will?
mind drifts again...
what next?
i whisper
no no just stay
taste not joy, nor agony
lets be still
not move
for in love 
mood is just to savour
a happy harmony.

Lonely sojourn
Your melody is sweet
Its taste sufficeth
Longing of this 
Long thirsting soul.

wasn't ever truly loved by you

empty words of love
may to an extent heal and sooth
i am wired however
a wee bit different dear
the sore of this soul
needs sharp and sting
so pain is preferred here
darling -
do prepare, don glove
to scrape its edge
trim off past if you need
take to hand right tool
to cut again through and through
use scalpel of truth...
I know 
I'm not, never was
ever truly loved by you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

प्यार की मर्यादा

बरसों बरस बीत गये
फिर भी सादा साथ
और उस साथ में
सरल प्यार का अहसास
बिन कहे और सुने
करवा रहा है
मूक सही बतला रहा है
रूह को रूह की पहचान
यह हमारे अस्तित्व के
अकेले सच का आभास-
हर काल, उल्लास, वेदना,
या उन्मुक्त भावना 
रिती रिवाज, परिवार से परे
मान अवहेलना के तंग दायरों से मुक्त
बिना कुछ लिये या दिये
प्रिय -
मुझे तुम से अब भी
बेवजह प्यार है ।

Love story that lasts

In true love
the two never meet
says he - so accept
love stories don't last
as noted on pages of history;
I stop in pause
hey isn't that being judged
based on haps
within a moment's snap
when in greater scheme
looking long and broad
we see - 
the eternal tale
of Maker and Man
continues unscathed
bearing promise that story
is meant to last 
uniting spirit with source
beyond meters of time and space
that's the only story meant
to forever last.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

another journey begins...

i start anew everyday
hoping this time with my hand in Yours
on this day
i will be led
past deserts and wild
on to a green
that’s shaded with joy
no clouds of sorrow float by
lowliness and loneliness is a myth
that’s spoken only with fond memory
for company of self 
is a happy truth today
fear's been driven off
and demon daren’t look back again
for hero that led campaign
sits gloriously garbed in faith 
with easy peace in descent
bringing shawl 
of surrender and warmth
here i'll lay to rest my will
knowing full well
tomorrow will be another day.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

आन मिलो

हर पथिक की तरह
मैंने भी एक ही सच पाया है
जिसे सब खो तुम मिले 
धन्य भाग!
और जिस ने सब पा
तुम्हें हरा तो अभाग
इस सफ़र में
उसने क्या पाया है?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Infinitely in Love

He asks -
What does it mean
to love infinitely for infinity
and I ponder
on loves of my life;
all were good
all gave and took away
with every breath and sigh,
there was Only One however
that with Hand so constant and steady 
took to me in terror and tremble
so sure and gentle 
He drew me close when 
I fumbled and 
had utterly, completely given up
time and time again
unheardunasked, unseen
He took charge - to lead
from unreal to real
from untruth to truth
darkness to light
from bondage of earth
vastness of open sky was revealed 
He persevered 
when I floundered!
In tiniest wisp of my emotion thus
this heart bears witness
of what I came to know thereby
with all certitude hence
I say -
His Love alone is infinitely infinite
all else mere and slight.

Friday, May 16, 2014

कल्पना से प्रत्यक्ष तक

हवा के भी पंख होते हैं
जब हम आस व आशा
का दम भर
सिसकियों के करवट बदलते हैं -
पोर पोर सिहरा
हर रोम को सहला
हलके दबे पाँव
पलकों से ख़्वाब उठा
मन की लरगोशी से
संगीत चुरा - मददहोश लय
फिज़ाओं में कुछ यूँ
बिखेरते हैं कि प्रत्यक्ष रेगमय
हो उठे उस इंद्रधनुषी प्रतिबिम्ब से
जो कल्पना के पट पर
ख़ुद हम बिखेरते हैं -
सो तुम्हारी चाहत अब मेरी धुन हैैै
लब पे मिलन का है गीत
चित्र पट की लकीरों
में मैंने बस तुम्हारा नाम
कर दिया है अंकित ।

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

i am ordinary

don't pour in my ear 
words of empty ardour -
they're meaningless
i know full well
and so do you too
i'd rather be ordinary
pall into insignificance 
in your embrace
be held safe in your arms
than be announced 
and pronounced
- as sacrificial special
especially by you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

अगर चित का कटोरा 
तुम्हारे नाम की नमी से
पहले ही पुर हुअा होता
फिर इश्क़ की प्यास में
सरे बाज़ार
दिल क्यूँ बदनाम होता ?

Pulse of universe

My heart beats in me
Sends blood rushing 
To let tips and toes  
Vibrate with pulse
That makes me arch and rise
To smell, hear and see
Beyond slums of mundane
Lies surge that brings
Life in waves to my shore;
I sense -
All that's here 
reverberates  with pulse
That begins in Thee.

With them in love

I read of Tagore
And feel the ache that fills
The heart of so many 
From Aurelius to Rumi
Wise Plato, Arabi, Socrates, Aristotle
And then so many more
Unknown, unheard of names
Drawn by mist and allure
Of Your beauty
Pursuing fragrance 
In their trail -
They turned from world
And You turned to them
And lo time had spun
Yet another God-Man love tale
To fire spirits
Of more to come
In quest of fulfilment
We seek to sip, taste alone
Sweetness of your ale.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Thou art That!

Si si
Tat tvam asi
Through every you 
I express my love
And through you and you
I am loved
By He.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

रात सोने को है अब
सो सोचा सुबह की पौ फटने 
से पहले बतला दूँ
तुम बेहतरीन हो रब ।

La ilaha illallah

I want self to heed 
when I'm wrung 
and hung up to dry,
an inner voice 
speaks in whisper
on the wisdom of my time.

Sometimes when we 
surrender to Him our soul
in humble offer
with naive innocence 
then we claim and vow
through chants and invocation
We call -
then He who pines as much
to receive from us love in truth
takes it in His turn 
to question,
and as such
He unwaveringly puts us 
thru life's litmus test
to sieve out true worth
of expressed devout emotion
from transient throe of passion
which solely wants
to control and to possess.

When our world's 
not hunky dory
we're spun topsy turvy,
He returns with humour wry
seemingly upon countenance 
brows arch to quirk
His query's heard with a smirk -
come on dare, do answer
Can now you say
in all earnestness 
do you really do believe
trust and love  Him 
alone - and no other?
do you still so choose, proclaim
in His name say - O Sage
that indeed nowhere else
you'll ever take refuge?

Monday, May 05, 2014

I felt love
I wanted to express
Tenderness of thoughts
Searches for words 
And finds refuge in utterness
Of simply saying: 
I love You.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Love or fear?

Yesterday I caught a glimpse
Passing by the Windows
Of world
I'd left behind -
All seemed to be going places
As spoke postings and timelines
As I sit here enclosed
Feeling safe in silence
Seeking your presence
For company
Ardently I guard my space
Then wonder 
Is it scare of lost wander
Or strength to wait
For love that's tender
That guides this choice?