Tuesday, December 27, 2011

kya likhun?

क्या लिखूं
और क्यूँ भला
कई पन्ने तो छपते हैं
निस दिन
हर्फ़ बिखरते रहते है
ख्यालों, उम्मीदों अव्हेल्नाओ की लहर बन
इंसानी फितरत को छेड़ते हुवे
बस ठेलते ही रहते हैं
भावनाओं को कभी
इस ठौर तो कभी उधर -
लिखूं तो तभी
जब जिसे पढ़
ठहराव के पड़ाव पर
पाँव टिकें!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i'm not a saint
for terms and conditions
of a holy soul
require to say
one's life belongs to all
and not yea
so i claim
am content
to be the happenstance
that revels to fulfil myself
as the life bowl
if empty within
leaves nothing to offer
or outpour.

Friday, December 02, 2011

रस्ते की हवा से
जब शमा-ए-लौ थरथराती है
अनजाने ही बेवक्त अंधेरों का
एहसास दिलाती है
धरती के आँगन में
लिए डगर साहिलों की
बादलों के सफीनों में नज़र
झिलमिलाती है
पिच्छली यादें और
आईंदा का सफ़र
दोनों बाकी हैं.

उलझन है -
उतर पडूं
या यूँही निरूद्देश बहूँ
जो  ठहरूं 
तो क्या गुम न हो रहेंगे
लफ्ज़ जो पतवार बने
इस ठौर ले आये 
खुद को खे लायी  हूँ इतना
अपनी नियति संग
अब जो दफ़न होवूँ
तो अताम्सम्मान
मेरा कफ़न बने.

और जो छोड़ चलूँ
मन के बहाव को
बिन लंगर
चाहत के गुप्त अंधेरों
सालों का मौन कहाँ टूटेगा
जो कहेगी सच
जुबान मेरी तुम से
तो तुम्हारा बेईमान अधर
अंतर का मान  टूटेगा

सो इन खामोश गहरायिओं 
और डूबते अंधेरों के दरमियाँ
मन मान मर्यादा की
गंदली पोटली में ही लुप्त
रहे तो हमारे संसार में
सन्नाटा है.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Primum non nocere

monk urged
for unconditional compassion
do good
for happiness - and
mind mocked
have you heard not
it scoffed
Christ was crucified!
heed history
indeed deliverance
lies with sole self.

Heart hearkened then
it hastened nigh
to alert -
trust human eye to stop
at sight that's
mere skin deep
in appearances that mislead
from point -  take note
crucifixion had hung high
for all to see
worth of service
and selfless toil -
the strife for good
had thereby made
Messiah of a Man!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

बस धुंआ सी
रह गयी है ज़िन्दगी
धुंधली गंदली है नज़र
धूमिल है हर आवाज़
जो उम्मीद को
तकती पुकारती है
भरपूर जीने की आस मेरी
अब सचमुच समूची
थक चुकी है.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

cold daybreak

Its grey
its loaded heavy
with waters
they will be shed
to dowse
the shame of autumn
bereft of leaves
the trees'll mourn
their loss
then await
silent turn of season
- spring will return.

है ज़िन्दगी का कारोबार
तो चलता ही रहेगा
चाहे हो न हो साझेदार
दिल धड़कता ही रहेगा
चाहत है दुनिया को कहूँ
अलविदा तभी
हसरत को ना हो
न क़र्ज़ कोई
ना फ़र्ज़ कहीं दरकार
फिर एक पुर अमन
सांस ले हों जाऊंगी त्यार -

चलना है जो उस पार
तो चलना ही पड़ेगा!

Friday, November 11, 2011


memory of the masses
is fickle
on face of time
i trust not
to be in any thought
or ponder -
as life passes
i dwell in hope
to be remembered
by You
for in Your remembrance
I shall
surely be Eternal
as You.

Friday, November 04, 2011

life course

experiences pollinate
thoughts germinate
as seeds grow
ideas blossom
to action -
fruits of good
or bitter evil
have roots embedded
in times past -
much before.

Friday, October 21, 2011


soul - it is a miracle
lines on face
streaks of grey
weary bags
adorn the eye
belly tyres grace
the body ages
while soul
steadfastly stands
test of time.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

कुहासा गहरा है
फिर भी नज़रें 
टिमटिमाती रौशनी से
मंजिल का निशाँ
पूछ ही लेती हैं,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sunshine promise

i am prepared
to be frozen
once again
as I peeped
over window sill
saw wintry sky
painted grey
with clouds
in there
was held no moisture
nor enticing lustre.

and then
skies parted
for just that moment
sun peeked
touching roof slate
its sheen of gold
reached out
to say
no its not adieu
forever, bear with clouds
for this while
till spring clocks in -
sun will for sure smile
be with me

आंसू की बूँद
बड़ी नमकीन होती है
मन के अतृप्त सागर
की प्रतीक जो ठहरी!

i.l.u. x ∞ = constant

an equation was agreed
signed and sealed in hearts
we were heedless then.

it required constancy
for an eternal infinity
we were reckless
no wonder to part
was deal of default.

in lives
we departed
breathed, dwelled in solo silos
now its time to return
be back to square one -
i turn cover
reach page
book keeping has kept
sincerely recorded
the equation is constant
resentment there's none.
उसकी सरगोशी में अब भी
मुसर्रत बाकी है, और बेईमानी भी

सो हर आहट पे धड़कन ज़रा 
धक्धाकती है, कि क्यूँ भला 
मेरी ख़ामोशी में बरजस्ता
तुम्हारी आवाज़ चली आती है -

यहाँ कहने सुनने को अब क्या रहा?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn Play

My windscreen framed 
gay fall breeze
happily toss leaves
some green
some in shades of 
orange, yellow, red too
- in the oblivion
of playful seasonal banter
stood stoically firm
the trees
they'll soon be bereft!

While watching the play of season in clinic car park.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

The old woman smiled
as I chose to reveal
a heart, it bled
of wounds
from the old.

will you soothe
i pleaded
relieve of pain
from thorn
that i'd plucked,
placed beside a lonely heart
believing for rose
its the soul mate
destined, doomed to last.

It did not, got shed
didn't stand by me
through time
yet I moan
turn with pain
at loss of thorn
that isn't there -
it didn't stay forever.

A feeling sigh
then elapsed
her eyes lit
with wise emotion
it swept away
the farcical notion
that what i'd lost
was heaven's creation
so it was meant
doomed to last.

No, she said
it happens not
true mates are sprouts,
produce of toil
with dual labour
of hand and heart
love flourishes
upon this earth
for here itself
knots get tied
bonds for lifetime
are sealed and signed-
marriage like friendship
is made together
it isn't made  in heaven.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

दिल को लगी है
जो दिल की लगी 
ये कैसी है दिल्लगी खुदारा,
घायल जो अरमान हैं
चाहत से बढ़ के तो
खुदी को पाने को
बेकल हैं -
चाहें ये बरबस
तुमरी शरण में गुज़ारा.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

it can't be love

is it just a ritual
to observe
convention to follow
desire to satisfy
or need
for which remedy
I do not know
- why do i seek You
with much fervour
and then return to
be rejected
yet once more?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

निशा के आँगन में
चांदनी कुछ इस तरह छिटकती है
जैसे मेरे दामन में
तन्हाई बस्ती है
और सुना है 
ऐसे में ख़ामोशी 
कुछ यूं आहट करती है 
जब इक धड़कन कहती है
तो दूजी सुनती है ---

तो क्या सुना तुम ने?


The setting sun
serenely illumined
a lush countryside
where dotted across green
were several
white fleece of sheep
meticulously grazing
oblivious to else all
so carefully intent
on task at hand
living the moment
as if,
knew from within
they were secure
they were guarded,
looked after
by their Shepherd
who though unseen
vigilantly held His post.

En-route to London from Coventry, 26.9.2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

सन्डे की सुरमई शाम
सर्दी से शरमाई लिपटी
चाय के गरम प्यालों की
चुस्कियों में डूबी
- अच्छी लगती है.

Morning mist has begun
to appear
it comes mysteriously
at dawn,
stretching across the expanse
of my house and
your own
i see light -
its to hope
i cling on,
that first rays
of sun shall silently
break thru'
drive away all shadows
off my morn.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

सन्नाटे ख़ामोश
तन्हाई से तुम्हारा 
पता पूछते हैं
सो हमने हंगामों में
गुज़र बसर करने की
बस ठान ली है!

कब शुरू हुवी
बात कब कहाँ
कैसे किस वजह
ख़तम हो - क्या ठिकाना है,
जो वक़्त
बंद मुठी में
हथेली से फिसलने को
मचल पड़े है
बस उन्ही का लमस
साँसों में समेट
भरपूर जिए जाना है -
क्यूंकि मौत से सही
ज़िन्दगी से नहीं है
मायूस आदमी!

Friday, September 23, 2011

लम्बाई गोलाई
चौड़ाई गहराई उन्चाई
कई आकारों से 
सजी दुनिया इस लिए 
के कई बिंदु मिल
एक से अनेक हो गए.

Though bubble surfaced while gazing out of train window near London Paddington.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

दिल को लगी है
जो दिल की लगी है-
ये कैसी है
दिल्लगी खुदारा
घायल है
अरमान तो, सीने की
धड़कन को कब चाहिए
था तुम बिन
कोई दूजा  सहारा?

अब जाने दो बीते को
सोने दो चाहत को
जीने को काफी है
लफ़्ज़ों के साग़र से
बीतेगा हर लम्हा
होने दो, होने को
काफी है इन से 
अपना गुज़ारा.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The tree stood
proud on a high land
waved to wind
that played
with branches
they were laden with fruit -
drawn to the rich brown
feel of bark
to smell its aura
I leant against
for a while
I stopped to rest,
then eyes got hold
of old root
somewhat knuckled,
it was dry and gnarled
it'd surfaced to ground
a wee-bit, wanting
as if to glimpse, view glory
of all that it
endeavoured for
to enduringly labour
feed shoot
it'd chosen to burrow deep
get the best
and let it seep
through so the wood
with pride could
display, its bounty
and lushful green.
- I returned to call my Mom.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

sizing up

sizing up -
it seems
is fashion of our day,
to size up mates
friends, acquaintance
to feel good
one up over
not bother
saying hello
to that 'no one'
or turn
sweet nose up
sniff those
that ask for
craning of poor head
for their pedestal
pristine shiny
appears good
to sucker up -
I prefer
not to keep, pretence
opt for old fashioned!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

childhood love

they'd grown up
together they'd
formed views
and took vows
at times
they fought
then made up
to talk of
every topic
under sun
till life suddenly
parted, each cleaved
grew a separate
way, with new vision
love paid
a bear price
to make strangers
of minds that
once were one.

तन्हाई के साए
बड़े गहरे होते हैं
- गुमा देते हैं खुद में
यूं कि वजुद विलीन हो बैठे
बेपनाह सन्नाटों में
लेकिन कभी कभी
ये अँधेरे ही दिखा देते 
हैं ज़िन्दगी का ऐसा सच 
रौशनी कि दमक भी
जिस का निशां
पा न सकी थी -
मेरा वोह सच तुम  थे
और मेरी तन्हाई मेरा आज
जो प्यारी है इस लिए
कि कम से कम यहाँ मैं
मैं हूँ तो सही!

Friday, September 16, 2011

farmers till
and toil on land
to raise grain
from a weather beaten

folks, work 
to buy bread
to bake 
of milled wheat
they consume.

the two connect
by a ruthless system
it survives by
gnawing, pinching
farmer of price fair,
and folks are robbed clean
of well-earned penny too
its only the system
it thrives, subsumes
riding high crest of
incessant inflation loom!

Rest in Peace

the driving seat
of man is heart
from his throne he endeavours
to navigate
through a maze
of unending demands
expectations levied
from family
foes and friends alike.

on the wheel for steer
is his will to be
at helm not be steered
he wallows amidst
umpteen shallow desires
to possess one
then turns to other
burning still with fire
for fame he consumes
and devours. 

death then quietly
walks aside, whispers
to restless soul
you've had your while
now rest in peace
for there no winners
but losers here!


कोपल की झलक
में देर है अभी
पतझड़ ऋतू ने आ घेरा है
थोडा देर ठहर
फिर बीतेगा पहर
बाद साँझ ढले
सवेरा है.

Spare the moon gleam

spare me the moon gleam
its begun to hurt
in dimness of my heart
what i need is
the sun to shine
show clear ways
without a cloud
to give me shade -
i want to walk straight
without a falter
reach halt at 
destined place
then I will hold
and kiss the moonbeam
there'll be time
without haste.


torch needs a spark
to sparkle
to gauge way eye's seek
the milestone
without north star
a traveller's lost
so i need you by side
to kindle.

my heart is filled with love-
it feels You
as the reed
that dry though
gets life from breath
that blows, fills with music
as its notes.

i live in hope
of your resilience
seek in life
Your presence
through words that sing
from soul for you
let your remembrance
be my heaven - 

While sun and moon
shine to celebrate Your glory
Let life be my song for thee.


बिछी तो है आज भी
बिसात महाभारत की-
हमारे युग के रंगमंच पर भी
किरदार नव नवीन कई
झलक दिखलाते पात्र कहीं
कोई युद्धिष्टिर बना परिहास उडवाता
अपने धरमराज कहलाने की
कि माया लिप्सा में लुप्त
अपनी द्रौपदी के मान संहार की
घोर पीड़ा से वियुक्त
विमुख रहे.

हैं यही कहीं
नकुल, सहदेव, वीर अर्जुन
बलिहार भीम भी प्रतिम्बिबित नज़र आ जाते
कभी काल के किसी पृष्ठ पट पर -
सभी निभाते जा रहे भूमिका
यूँ जिस तरह
हुवे नियुक्त
अपनी नियति के कर से,
मगर -
मेरी नज़रें नहीं ताड़ पा रही
उस अकेले को जो
सम्पूर्ण महाभारत की रूह है.

परमवीर करमवीर
कर्मयोधा मेरा कर्ण -
इस युध्ह के कोलाहल में
तुम्हारी सचेत आत्मा
मानवीय मूल, वचनबद्धता,
मैत्रिये, मर्यादा के फूल
किस ठौर ढके
कहाँ गुम है?

It was deathly despair
that clouded tick tock
of my clock, when
the day was made
in part studying faces
fourteen of them in all -
I watched guys and girls
their heads carried
several shades of grey
and time wizened faces
were etched with memories
of varied roles they had
in bitter sweet drama of life
each had a separate tale
to tell, each had faced
a very different gale
yet unbeaten
they danced together
swung arm
to gentle rhythm -
as trees beckon
easterly breeze to stay
they too chose to summon
with desire some more
a little more time
for play. 
natural variation determines
in which lap
what share of
bounty or burden shall fall
this is a destined toll
of that no soul
is ever in charge,
but human mind is blessed
in that it minds not -
endeavours still regardless
relentlessly to love and fulfil
their lives' call.

Thoughts that surfaced after reading Oliver Sacks - 'The Man who mistook his wife for a Hat'

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


longing dissipates
when I connect
reach out to whose
lives' been touched
by life's magic wand-
from here I see
withstand accept that
while touch of pain
is law universal
love for all invariably
endures, it is
a lasting therapy.

words of rhyme
salve soothe
sometimes heal the hurt
i seek your
company with
a desolate heart
so hold my hand
be my friend
till death do us part.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Petals bloom
just before the fall
in splendour splash out colour
for butterfly to spread wing
in flutter and, for bee
to hum its song -
beautiful moment
is then blown
by winds for time
to gather seeds has come
to sow the earth
with flower's core
that was flung far beyond
so wait a while
let shiver pass
let bygones be bygone -
Hey Spring is near
just round the corner -
sweet blossom shall
soon recover!

Monday, September 12, 2011


He said he is happy
'coz many a car
stand by his door
bearing brands to flash
and for sake of norm
his life is shared
with ones who love
as he earns for all
to give gold to all.

It was here
that the penny dropped.

Sure he isn't poor
for any want or warmth
it matters in least
his time on land
wasn't spent
walking hand in hand
with me
what went amiss
if no hues of sunrise saw
nor could linger rays
of setting sun
to witness see me kneel
beside knee
or rest the head
on lover's arm,
what cost
indeed in big scheme
of things
that togetherness was
so worthlessly lost?

Hearken O' heart
the call for prayer
for clear dawn has just begun
to reveal a truth
that lurked in shadow -
at long last a reverie
comes to end.

dil ki syahi

तो तुमने फिर से लिखना शुरू कर दिया
क्या कुछ और स्याही बची है अब भी
दिल की खाली दरारों के बीच
जिसे सोख
कर अब भी
मन में जीने का हौंसला बाकी हैं?

हाँ कहा मन ने
एक बार फिर अन्तराल में
कविता जाग उठी जो दीप बनी
करती रहती झिलमिल -
दिल की गलियां हैं रोशन
तो इसी प्रकाश से 
वरना इन् हथेंलियों ने 
केवल अंधकार बिटोरा है.
ten years 
you happily say
you are prepared to wait
to hear again
from one you claim
you loved, you love
and will always do so
I say
with conviction this time
no you don't -
yes you love to hurt
and humiliate
for the sake of feeling good
then say to placate
I love you -
you cheat the self!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

my sky's overcast
air still, losses are high
gains nil -
I ache in my heart
the pains kill
still i tread
seeking against
odds and will
i ask
to be returned
to Your
everlasting favour
of faith.

Friday, September 09, 2011

journey home

a world that started
and stopped with you
although you were
just apparition
that deserted, left
at glimpse of glitter
to find rays of gold
where lay shimmer
of your horizon -
i stumbled, i fell
withdrew my hand
that none were there
to reach or hold
I looked beyond
and saw Him beckon
to candle of His hope
I've groped my way
to reach my goal -
His shelter
is now my haven.

Busy Bee

busy bee buzzes
draws nectar of life
off bloomin' flowe

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I knew

I knew
you knew
I'd called
across silence of night
divide of ocean
when rose rampant emotion
i reached out
to salve
kept my heart on mute
to be heard by heart
in you
I knew
you knew
I'd called.


i know none
with touch
as gentle, healing as thine -
all hurt
my ache
vaccuum resolve
when i dissolve
diffuse distress
i dip and drown
in a potion
of wordy wine.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Life showcased

Life showcased

on display

nah no frowns

no ohs or ahs allowed

there's no space

to groan,

for all is jovial

with shallow mirth

lively illusion surround

the virtual;

OMG Facebook's holding

realities to ground

LOL :)

Saturday, September 03, 2011

darya aur samundar

एक दरिया
एक समुन्दर -
दोनों पानी का अठखेल,
मिठास लिए
अपने आँचल में
दरिया बढे
सागर की ओर
उस के प्रेम से अपरिचित सागर
ऊँचाइयों का गुमान लिए
अपनी खारी लहरों संग
बस धरती तट छु ही
टूट बिखरता है.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


तो बहुत हैं -
कुछ खोटे, कुछ खरे
कुछ दिल दुखते
कुछ दे देते सुकुन
पर हर सच से
परे ऊपर
है परमात्मा
यह सच कि तुम हो
यहीं बसे
हर दिल कि गलीयों
में दौड़ रहा है
वोह वजुद जो
अकेला है.

Shop Window

shop window displays
many faces
in variety of colours
and lines
to tow the heart
of onlookers
and deep in cell
and soul
is buried deep
the one who knows
true worth
of goods to be sold:
I am the keeper
of my shop.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

eyes grazed

expanse of o'ergrown green

showing a splatter

of weak yellowy flowers

when I spotted

the bee;

from one to another

it flitted in vain

searching for nectar

that wasn't

on offer here:

its time to weed

I thought.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

time, my friend

your face, I've found

more fickle

than sea-sand

that holds close

imprints of steps

that tread across

for a while at least

till a new tide

washes ashore.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

dare to walk

its only
when steps trod
that walks get etched,
carved across
in wilderness
of woods.

its alright

its alright
to flutter
like butterfly
to attempt
to fly
yet reach not
the sky
one wants
to see.

its alright

its alright
to flutter
like butterfly
to attempt
to fly
yet reach not
the sky
one wants
to see.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What point is there
to mourn  
love's labour lost 
or grieve in vain 
for eighteen in all 
change of season
gone, lost in quest 
of honest half
who lives to lead
path of love 
selfless virtue!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

If 'viddhi' is applied not
in due time
'vyadhi' is
one inevitable fate.

Reflective thought on Baba Ramdev's talk on Yog.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Nature's law

Apple falls
when ripe
to ground that nurtured
it sweet -
so do I
when life's mass
is hard to hold
or bear for more
I gravitate
in humility
to Yea.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

shackles of civic life

I am tired
pretty much so
of changing careers, diapers
packers and movers
flitting across
from office to home
I flutter
thru commutes and jams
I flicker
from smile to woes
memories sweet n bitter
then suffer whims and viles
to survive
expectations of life
I suffer
I struggle with folders and files -
Hell I'm tired
of Me and Mys.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Fine lines
have formed
to etch crevices across
face of time
that savours memories
sweet and savoury
of lifetime
that was lived
stamped as mine!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Old Jotting on 21.3.91

Kayi chehre hain
maanvi jo jungle
mein jeete
zaroor zinda kehlaate
armaanon mein dhale
saje sanwre magar
ret se bhurbhure
ghar basate pyar se khokhle
niradhaar jo tike hain
aisi zameen par
jahan aksar -
waqt ke
bhayanak tufaan uthte hain.

Self aware

Clay in me
draws forth self
for fleshly desires
I lust, seek more
than need be.

Spirit from You
lightens the load
buoyant it rises
in me -
from depths and dark
I alight to see
in comprehension
wings spread,
to take of in flight
solely and only
to Thee.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Uni of Life

Got entry
some decades ago
in top of the league
yet unlisted Uni -
to be taught to see
listen not hear
use words as gear
to drive with ease
when going was sleek
or when bumpy
became the ride -
then most importantly
it urged me on
to let a feeling heart be
my unfailing guide.

While seated in foyer of Paddington station, waiting for Samar to accompany to his open uni day