Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kuch padha
Kuch likha bhi
Dil ki sargoshi suni
Aansoo ki barsat mein sichi
Akele pan ki aag mein paki
Yuun din dhala raat ki or
Phir raat roshan huwi
Bas aise hi tanha tanha
Main din raat 
khud se khud mein basi.

Shukran Allah.
Mind points a blaming finger
At heart
Which gazes allegedly
At You -
Where does that leave me
My friends
Body, heart and mind
Am I deserted completely
By all of you?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


This place that I sit 
To watch magnificence 
Of Your creation 
Gives me vantage and view
Of two transitions -
The edge of solid land 
With rocks and dry sand
Etched against 
Tumultuous, turbulent flow
Of sea water;
And then there's the sky - pink and rose
Set further beyond 
Near the line of horizon
It bows down
To meet in humility 
The serene blue
Of still and calmed - distant sea
Marking at last
Ascent of matter
With acceptance
From the distant Heaven.

I have crossed the first line
Transcending the second 
Is my goal.

Mirage of mind

No riches
No diamonds set in stone
No lavish endowment 
No jet set race
All I wanted
Was strong arms to brace
Where a weakling soul
Could turn in for respite
In surrender - tenderly rest my head
When times got thick
Going was tough
emotions ran raw
And 'me' needed to hide
Burying my face
Deep - in smell of your chest
I was seeking my shelter
With trust in Divine
And unshakeable belief
That then at that moment
Nothing could change - 
We were one
You were mine!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Miraculous, mystical, mysterious

Are words that surface

When I fish in sea of consciousness

Hoping to catch from left overs

Of loitering waves

The shell that encapsulates

All that I have felt of You

I love You.