Monday, October 11, 2010


कितना तोड़ती मरोड़ती है
झकझोरती खाखोरती है
फैलती फिर सिकोड़ती
भी है
ये जीवन की पाठशाला
केवल इतना बतलाने को
की जीवनधार में
प्रवाहित हैं कई, पर मानस
बस अकेला है.

Life lawn

Across the wide expanse
of sprawling lawn lies-
a lifetime of memories
some tender, too sweet
others best weeded out
I think as fingers extend-
knackered and knarled
to gently separate
the lush and green
from yellowed, faded lot
endurance hurts
at pricks of thorn
telling me to dare not
withdraw, for bitter
or sweet, desirable tho' not
they present to me
seeds from yesterday -
sown and surviving
cast my way
by winds of time
stand as stubborn
reeds on very own
ground that spans
my today.

- Sabina Fatima Hussain