Saturday, August 13, 2011


तो बहुत हैं -
कुछ खोटे, कुछ खरे
कुछ दिल दुखते
कुछ दे देते सुकुन
पर हर सच से
परे ऊपर
है परमात्मा
यह सच कि तुम हो
यहीं बसे
हर दिल कि गलीयों
में दौड़ रहा है
वोह वजुद जो
अकेला है.

Shop Window

shop window displays
many faces
in variety of colours
and lines
to tow the heart
of onlookers
and deep in cell
and soul
is buried deep
the one who knows
true worth
of goods to be sold:
I am the keeper
of my shop.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

eyes grazed

expanse of o'ergrown green

showing a splatter

of weak yellowy flowers

when I spotted

the bee;

from one to another

it flitted in vain

searching for nectar

that wasn't

on offer here:

its time to weed

I thought.