Thursday, March 25, 2010

I stopped
asking long ago-
'Why me?'.
instead when
come joy
or sorrow
I take
I smile
then say-
'What next?'

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I pray
in solitude
seeking silence
in your strength
I take refuge
in pain
let me feel
You in human touch,
in hardship
give a will
to try again
I ask for Heaven
here to see
'coz Blue Planet
is Divine-
if only life could be let
to be
no Eden
can ever better be.

leaving a mark

the very fact that
'you are'
you've left
your mark
on the face of time;
its deep
for some
for others mere dent ,
how does it matter;
now no longer
can even destiny erase
that you've happened
evolved and overcame
to be
a cherished page
of history
in memory
of those who love

aankhon se bahta
paani sasta hai
aaj menhgi hai
kuch pal ki bas

waqt bahut hai
bhag daud ko-
par paane ki
khoj mein kahan
milta hai kabhi

dooriyan kat ti
to hain safar se-
ho paati kya tab hasil
sada hamen
hamari manzil?

shabd likhne
sunne ki kami kahan-
phir bhi ghulli milli
hai kyon man mein
ye ghor ekaki?

computer, cyber
sms, email, phone
kayi sadhan
anek manoranjan hain
pade magar-
mila nahi jag bhar mein
saccha preet aur

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adharm ki neenv par ,
dharam ki imarate
bulund nahin hoti
sach ka pani
khara hi sahi
seenchta to hai
jadon ko-
tabhi sar utha kar
lahlaha patin hain
ped ki shaakh
uski ubharti

Saturday, March 20, 2010

nisha ka pat
choom kar
suraj ne apni
kirnon ko bikhera hai
amantrit kar raha hai go
phir se
jo saj chuka hai
karm bhoomi ka rann
aakash mein hai
prakat 'aaj'
aao ise ham
apne bhinn rang
se bhar den
kuch yoon
ke pradipt prakash
se bharpoor ho
navprabhat ka
ye savera hai.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yes mind wanders
and alongwith
it takes my soul
seeking and questing
ardently I pause and peek
look into other lives
trying hard to understand
how peace
is achieved
in humdrum and chaos
of daily existence.

Coping from one day
to next, is weekly toll
ticking away months,
then years
on calendar's scroll
I find no time to be
a rishi or muni
to rest in mountains or green,
to spend life on ponder
'bout hows and whys
of mortal existence
randomly chanced
upon the earth
when womb bore forth
new life joined
diverse cosmos
doomed with discontent
wanting to know,
find real purpose in life
with wholesome goal
aspiring to live
with aim to fulfil
a human role
in one lifetime.

Racing through list
from day to day
plagued is mind
unresolved about
meaning of 'mine'
I pick signs hither
then for clues look thither
I ask myself
why is it worthwhile to live
for mere mirth, just a laugh,
ignoring eternal fact
that ruthless can be
twists, turns in life,
where precious fragility
defines being alive
where no one escapes
marks of pain, parting is there
tests with heartbreaks
for on cycle of life, there's no control
on matters that matter
in joy or pain, loss or gain,
or when happiness profound
bows off with curtsey
to let
sorrow seep in
with sway of an unwaverin'
reckless sweep of tide
the unseen hand of Divine
has beckoned - He
rolls and calls
from log of Destiny.

Truthseekers so many
are seeking for truth
or is it myth,
they search in vain?
will answers tally,
or be found at all?
at times to wonder
seems such waste of time
to want to know
what lies in store
when uncertainty appears
to be the natural law!
Ah unresolved,
remains my fractionated form
scattered as bits
of an unsolved jigsaw
I ache and crave
for utter Unity-
would meditation, detachment
grant this wish,
magic potion of being loved
act, be illusory reprieve,
will solace be found
with devotion to One
will I find 'me' ever
in harmonious unison?

Friday, March 12, 2010


kabhi kahan
thamta hai -
anjali bharo to
jal rista hai
badal bane phuhar
nadi, nala, jharna ban
bahta rahta hai aab
dekho agar
tum saagar ko
usme bhi paoge dhaar
thame neer
tabhi jab
roke dharti
banaa ke jheel talaab
lekin wahan
mauje nahin hotin.

isi liye to main bahta paani

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Steps today
led my way
to green, where
heartening it was
to see
new shoots
weather toughened ground
eager to bloom
were buds of yellow
and violet crocuses
harbingers of spring
unchecked, unfettered
were held not back
by the chill that bites
still stifles the air;
a statement was made thus
simply to say
mettle of new lot
will always have its way
to brush aside
sway away
any wintry gloom
there's promise of colours
that March of youth
can bring.

On way to Hervines with Kranti.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

chamkila pal

ek chamkila pal
sarak pada kal
beete lamhon ke matiyale
paanon ke darmiyan se
jab puraani yadon
ki taaq main
sanwar rahi this;
jane kab se
phansa raha
woh wahan
intezaar mein
aur phir bin maange
bin chahe gulzar
kar gaya dhoondhlati galiyan
jin ka rang ab
kuch pheeka
pad chala tha!


meri nigah
dhoondhti hai
har gaam
tumhara hi chehra
umadti bheed mein
insaanon ka toofan
hichkole de raha hai
mere man mein
abhang sannata

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

a promise

what shadows
are you talking about
mate these only form
with reason, it happens
when sun shines high
in clear sky to warm
and yield passion
ardence sweet fruit of desire
arise only in spring and summer
fair seasons of life
have long since left
now fall is here
to temper
with age our roots outstretch
hold on reach deep
to settle down in
toughened soil
a bare and bearing soul
that stands bereft
of memories
its been long
since these were shed
in heaps and piles
like time-yellowed leaves
they've dried
shrivelled for ever
never shall now green adorn us
the hours of dusk
and dawn are past
gone is the bygone
forever its etched deep
set in stone
as far as I can see
a tranquil night
is there to loom
blending in the horizon
so at this moment
of rest and ease, I'm keen
not to let
any light to filter in
I'll leave no space, no room
my dear
for shades, sound, shapes
from yesteryear
to haunt or disenchant
hence close to mind
hold fret nor fear
'coz sunshine has departed,
no lamp or candle
shall be lit
for thee, your love did not endure
in darkness
it'll meet its doom-
No shadows will be cast.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

dosti bhali hai
ashiqui se -
prem vish
bahut vishaila

Monday, March 01, 2010

the increasing gap

small wonder
it is to note
rich and wealthy
surge ahead
gloating of
what's held
in account -
assets, pennies
and many pounds;
for privileged
the sums are there
to reap, and grow
yield yet more
and more
as money begets

Left far behind
in health and bounty,
dismissed mercilessly
an unfairly played
social race
are the penniless;
they have nothing
but nought
to multiply with
this always will
leave a zero!