Friday, August 23, 2013

अकेलेपन क़ा स्वाद
स्वादिष्ठ है यूँ क़ि
विराजमान हो मन में
अब केवल तुम
जिस के परे न खींच सकें हैं यहाँ
कोई नर या नरेंद्र
वासना या दर्द की लकीरें
असत प्रीत के नाम पर  -
तो सम्भालो मुझे इस पल
की मुझे समतल
धरती की तलाश है
जहाँ भावनाओं के उतार चढाओ
की बाधा रुकावट न बने.

You and I
we came
from the very Same
here and now
in common time and space
to behold and listen
hold hearts and hands
to tango life's dance
you ask
why i turn to you?
i say
coz i believe 
i was turned by Him to you
and I know
as a shepherd
will never mislead
his flock,
a father never misguide
his errant child
never will He lead astray
when having lost the way
we suffer in trial, travail
and seek
that we be shown
our purpose and His cause -
so its been
when neck deep in woe
not knowing who's friend
who's the foe
I was gently swirled around -
Grace chose to show
His face
to behold, reach out,
stay afloat 
then anchor
and remarkably in doing so
The Creator
with ease delivered both
in single masterstroke!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To try
alone is all that's human -
this ability 
to persevere, press on
through adversity
we pursue
with what was endowed
in promise of nirvana
And so I do
and do again
not to head
for lush of heaven
it's only 
to be one with You.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

ठोकर लगी
तो गिरे
फिर उठे
फिर चले
कुछ यूं कि -
थिरकने लगी ज़िन्दगी!