Monday, March 31, 2014

I wait for the teacher

In green of the meadow
Where Spring is in bloom
A petal with translucence of white 
And tender pink in hue
Catches attention -
On it rests light
A whole drop of dew 
from the gone past night
Boldly it lures sun to smile
Inviting a ray of light
At dawn  
To pierce heart of its liquid form
Through lost virginity
In exquisite togetherness
Is perceived -
A 'Knowing' of light is born
Tearing apart 'not knowing' of night
A myriad colours daze and sparkle 
In several shades
That glint and gleam
To exude exquisiteness
That's been never beheld before
By a seeing sight. 

This spring
It's this beauty 
That's brought 
A catch to my breath
Despite chill in air 
I've donned a shawl to venture near
The fountain of knowledge
That springs from You
Rests in orchard near
It beckons to quench thirst for You
From close I want sip
So I call to let longing be known
Then with humility 
Here I kneel and bow
I take my seat 
On Your green 
I wait for the teacher to arrive.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Having a good day

I turned my corner
And heard, 
A voice called out -
Good after-morning 
I skipped
I smiled
Headed on my walk 
through noon
To greet good afternoon
With sunshine on the high
I folded wings
With a content sigh 
Saw sun to its setting pink
With a good evening 
On the nigh
I know for sure
Though bones ache sore
I will slumber sound
Dreamlessly a good night
My dream was seen
And lived to full
With knowing light of day
And day dreamer when goes to bed
sleep is bedded light.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Natural and Sacred

Nature is bare
Opulent, profane
Sacred is beauty,
In veil -
So when Adam fell
Eden was lost to earth
Out of favour
He heard call
Soul urged for return
From carnal state
To pick self up
In repentance
He sought to sacralise 
His return could  
Only be 
If he donned 
Eternal garb of Divine.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A nickel to spare?

Is there a nickel 
on you to share?
he asked gently,
with a - Ma'am. 

Sure. it's in here
So keep 
I fisted a few to hand
then jaunted cheerily 
to say - after all 
it's there only
to put food in belly
that sharpens body and soul
its not meant 
to sully mind
with a pint of beer or ale.

I saw a smile
break to bare
a hearty humor in spirit
tipping hat
with a tilt 
as I filled the can
its keeper said -
so now I've to 
remember that?
he grinned and hissed 
Oh Damn!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I see, hear, smell, taste and sense

They ask:
Why you pray?
I say:
Doing so I see
light of hope
in my day.

They ask:
Why you fear
I say:
I hear 
a single slip might
take You away.

They ask:
Why you stay away?
I say:
I smell 
danger lurk in 
world's snare
I dwell safer
In my own well.

They ask:
Why you love?
I say:
Doing so I strove
to taste Your Presence 
in my soul.

They ask:
Why you give?
I say:
I live to give 
get sense
that makes me receive 
more of You. 

Knowing the Hadid (Iron)

It's written in the Book - You see 
By virtue of being
All Seeing One
And for You are 
Hidden and Explicit One
Latent and manifest outwardly
Ringed, held sanct
In every form
You know 
All that there is
To know.
Knowledge inevitably so
Is very essence of Thee 
And to draw of it
Is salvation
So the Wisdom of wise
Does speak -
Then tell me what and how
Of being free
Of this thirst
That brings my soul
To Your well
Call water bearer
Let him water
Depths of my rusted pail. - You see 
By virtue of being
All Seeing One
And for You are 
Hidden and Explicit One
Latent and manifest outwardly
Ringed, held sanct
In every form
You know 
All that there is
To know.
Knowledge inevitably so
Is very essence of Thee 
And to draw of it
Is salvation
So does the Wisdom of wise speak -
Then tell me what and how
Of being free
Of this thirst
That brings my soul
To Your well
Call water bearer
Let him water
Depths of my rusted pail.

دل او مومن و دماغش کافر است

اقبال نے بتلایا تو ہم نےاپنا روگ جانا
دل ہے مومن اور ذھن ٹھہرا بےٹھکانا
ہے دعا اب  یا ربب 
 -دل کو ہے کہلانا 
اے دل تو جاۓ سکوں سے 
للّه نا کھسک جانا 
معرفت کی لو دو 
دماغ ہو تابندہ 
.آ جایگا جیسے پروانا 

Monday, March 24, 2014

प्यास बाक़ी सही

ख़ामोश तुम्हारी दी 
ज़िंदगी का घूँट
पिये जाएँगें
चाहे प्यास को आसूदगी
मिले ना मिले,
ना कोई सवाल है
ना इसरारे जवाब 
का है यहां मुकाम,
साथ साक़ी का है
सिर्फ़ रूह को दरकार 
फिर चाहे सोज़ अतश को 
सैराबगी का जाम 
मिले ना मिले ।

Sunday, March 23, 2014

अकेले कहाँ हैं हम तुम?

अकेले कहाँ हैं हम तुम
हर रूह के साथ
इक भीड़ जुटती है
कुछ ख़्वाब कुछ ख़्याल
तोड़ते मरोड़ते 
बस यूंहीं से सवाल
इस सरकते कारवाँ में
अकेले कहाँ हैं हम तुम? -
तनहाई बस ख्वामख्वाह 
पैरों से लिपटती है ।

Saturday, March 22, 2014

working on being human

Take no offence
I share just
as a matter of note
I know not 
what it is
to be Divine
what I know for sure 
surfing through pages of time
it's not easy 
being Human
as willeth Thine!

वक़्त कब रूका है?

हंसो और खुश रहो
कि ज़िंदगी छोटी है 
और वक्त है कम
न जाने कब हो 
इस की, उसकी 
आँख नम
तो स्वयं को थाम 
वक़्त को अपनी 
रफ़्तार से जाने दो
हँसी ख़ुशी का जाम 
हर महफ़िल में 
बस छलछलाने दो.
I want to emulate
Valmiki - the robber
Turned to scribe
He looted on wayfarers
I've looted on my wayfaring soul
I'll turn to still
Like him
And with japa in my silence
Let ants on me 
Build their home.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


As many ways
So many voice
The message of call
Remains nevertheless same
A communique
From one to ONE 
To ask
It says -
Shalom, Salam, Peace
And here I too join 
with a heartfelt Amen
To all.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Ali said to Kumayl
About what I strove to understand:

Reality is -
more than
what's sought as truth 
it's perceived by heart
without being pointed at
it comes from knowing 
by virtue of You
when Oneness illumines
it's enticingly clear
without speculation of doubt 
magnificence is manifest 
without cover or cloud.

Its awareness is graced
in faith of devout
for no illusions remain
or veil to peel
without shred of shroud
Reality just is -
unchanging, unflickering all-about 
it's Seer within
who to prepare for reveal
with fervour of seeker 
brings thirst to spring
from scorch of fire
set alight by desire
he's co-erced 
to reach and bring
quench to his soul 
he begins to sing.

Reality is 
it that heeds his call
it forges forth 
to save grope in dark
and to alleviate 
lone night's toll
when dawn does break
enlightening his path
a ray of morn
by touching his earth
extinguishes the need 
for lamp to be lit
darkness is done with
once ignorance suffers fall
the one with sight
sees it all -
All that is then
Reality is.

I want to reach the kernel
Taste sweet pulp of the fruit
Raw husk that hides nectar
Needs more than my tooth
So many hands offer
Instruments of all size
Pen knife to axes 
Are extended by aide
As the eager urge
to take side
I choose like Arjun 
To stand stubbornly aside -
Let help come to seeker
With aid of Your might.

बस बचपन ही खरे सच की पहचान है
सच्चाई में खोट बढ़ती उम्र का लगान है -
सो ऐ रब मुझे बच्चा ही रख!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

I am not a mother
I am mere care taker 
Of their soul
And in remuneration
I've received more 
Much more than my share
From time 
Of first stirrings felt
When new life began
Those given to me
To shelter for short while
became lifelong friend
Angels in guard for me
They hugged me close to warm
Held light when darkness dwelled
And eyes got weak to see
They alerted to
Hushed steps of gloom
Whenever it advent near
I was lightened so with shared laugh
In harmony our songs were sung
With love in rhyme 
hope in melody;
In storm 
We stuck close
Each served other as rudder
To steer clear 
and dry to shore -
Importantly I've known this 
And will always know
for sure - while there's distance 
For now, however
whenever my coat's hung
For final lie 
I'll hear them cheerily walk along
Carrying flowers in their bloom
Singing with gay and gale in tone
To make me smile as I lie lone
When they say with love
I'll cheer yea, yea
We were merry 
We were  happy 
We are glad that we were made to dwell
Together as family.

I love you loads Somu, Momu.

Reed to flute

Hollowed reed 
fashioned to flute;
holes set, cut, 
carved meticulously out
to place the notes
that joyously
play Your tune,
do listen then 
All-Listening One -
It's Your song 
being sung
still waiting to be
complete in composition.

Holi is here

Holika will burn tonight
On pyre
Shall be as humble offer
All that I've been so far
For fear has left, 
My being isn't any more
Afraid of being left bereft
Not being loved ever forever.

With surge -
In transience of flames 
I'll witness fire
Of passion and ardour rise 
In splendour 
to sate the skies
Hues will fade
When smoke is clear
Letting go 
Of want of what's only 
part of whole
I'll take strength 
from transcendence of wholesome Truth -
From ashes 
Splashes of new life do spring
Sure as from winter unravels the Spring
As Holi dusks in
I'll be content 
To find my haven in
soothe of the White.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spell of the Name

All questions dissolve
As I sip elixir of your Name
Sitting in love
I set free
Every molecule
Disintegrates off self to soak
Sweetness of litany's shake
Thirsting for more
I call
Come Shaykh
Recite verse to initiate
My soul is ready to transform.

Friday, March 14, 2014

I love You Allah
For the nutre, respite
Tender healing care
I have received
From Your Grace.
Keep me close
Keep me safe 
Keep me warm
For all I have 
All I seek
All I want
Lies within circle 
Of Your embrace.
جسم شکستہ ہے 
روح کو ہے طاب 
--ہو تمہاری عطا رب 
مجھے شمس کی ہے تلاش 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

At the Sun-door

Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy (1887-1947) wrote: "When the deceased reaches the Sundoor, the question is asked, 'Who art thou?'"

I've come to Sun-door
and the old man with beard
with severity
asks with stamp of staff on ground:
"Who are you?"
I smile and bow
kneel down with humility
then say:
I'm one who was taught
to see
truth of love
that's there to stay
can only belong to Divinity
all that came my way
couldn't be labelled as chance or serendipity,
when storms raged across
my dry desert land
I stood up, peered through
tipping on toes to scan
I saw
all that blew my way
to consume, devour
from vice turned to virtuous
unconditional and undemanding - His love
alone stood by me
so here bear witness man
that I see today
with crystal clarity -
I'm His
captive in love
signing off bond of unquestioning servility
I am ready
to be ripped apart
torn gladly to bits
when summoned forth
I will gladly serve
Him and His, for all that is He.

I love You Allah.

محبّت خلق دے کرجرم شرک کا الزام دھرتے ہو 
فناے عشق میں اپنی بقا کا پیغام بھرتے ہو؟
تمہاری ہر عدا  ہر  فیصلہ منظور ہے خالق
جو میرے ساتھ  شفاے معشوق کا  بھی انتظام کرتے ہو

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cook me slow

Keep heat low
cook me on slow
tender as I am,
even though still raw
I'll be done -
just right
give me a wee bit
more time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

जागते रहो की गुहार 
लगा रहा मन का पहरेदार
जो चूक हुई इस बार 
लग्ज़िश, ठठकी, चौकस भटकी 
इक पल झपकी 
तो प्रिये 
रहना प्यासी इसी  पार!


I was asleep
when You shook me wake
rocking, raking through and through
to see the Light
and at dawn begin to
know the call of Truth;
with Reality check
shadows started to flee
illusions faded
leaving eyes on clear
vision reached out to see
I felt then hearing strain
to listen and to heed
what purpose You
raiseth one and all
with rebirth
life began for me.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Knock not here

Who are you calling for?
No need to knock 
upon this door
for person you seek to speak
lives no longer here.
She's left
this home to reside far 
maybe in heavenly abode
Or gone to hell
for all I care;
I killed her
choking with my very hand
put her to rest in safe ground
I'm worn out now
have just returned 
with flowers to lay 
as wreath 
her grave's next door
I can put your name 
to it too, if you say
to make peace,
bless the wretched soul
here write, some scribble
to say 'bye and 'bye
on post-it  
I've glued 
by door beside 
to say:
Sabina that lived
lives here no more
apologies all if any miss 
she was sorry misfit 
in my world and your
she deserved not to stay.
She really had to go.
Take away your shadow -
don't dare cast
web of your thoughts 
on me anymore,
especially since in value
you care not in least
to join hands
preserve trust in light of Truth. 

Yes leave me alone
you do not belong 
between Him and me
I will crawl
I will scramble
From dark I'll drag
self out of hole
make every molecule
every particle strive
in attempt
at the very least 
to make Him see
among 7 billion 
me and my broken bowl
extends to Him alone
to receive anoint
for healing of 
my fractured soul.
Did I ask more
Than You desire
For me?
It's alright 
I with humility
recognise -
The infinite wisdom
Of Your decree.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Lead - I can't see the path

When did I ever pretend
That I am strong?
I am weaker than the blade
Of that grass
so easily trampled upon
And it twists, turns
This way and that 
Whichever direction wind blows on
I live so easily to die
In ignorant extinction
In every living moment
I am on verge
To sin and do wrong
So let there be no doubt
About that what I ask
In every prayer
that's a call upon You,
I say -
I need to be led
Not just shown the way...
Lead - I can't see the path.

Saturday, March 08, 2014


Let me say
in repentance
that I err again and again
to unreasonably expect
my love to be returned
in reciprocation.

For what's given back
isn't mine, nor his or her 
for that matter
I am alone in choice 
to love those around
fill self as vessel
receive what's so exquisitely Divine
then that which comes my way 
through one heart or another
is mere reflection
of whats been bestowed 
of You they do distribute
what feels right
and is theirs to give
why bother then 
becomes mine?

Its Your gift
that I've received  
Whether in hurt or spurn
it comes sealed with Your kiss
handed through him or her
its couriered to my humble place
what choice have I 
but to accept
take it with grace
even if it's despise 
left alone to hand?
With this realization 
what cometh now
I receive with somber bow
no solace sought
there's no complaint
no question there 
to ask.
Did I ask for more
Than You desire
For me?

It's alright 
I do recognise
It's always
Wisdom that decides
Your decree.

Thursday, March 06, 2014


Tumhare daste karam ki qudrat
Isme Rabb se shifa mil gayi
Jo baat Hubbe Ali
Se ho shuroo, phir
Kalma-e- La ilaha tak gayi
Sirf shia thi main ab talak
Lo Sufi bhi Sabina ban gayi!

Khul ja Sim Sim

I said I'd been 
Waiting to be answered
trying hard
To be let in
Through the Door;
Woe - said the other
When was it ever closed?
He kept calling
Do come in,
And heedlessly 
There you stood
Went on knocking 
At the open door!

Take away the rainbow

Last night
A deluge of tears
Washed away all trace
Of pink, violet and red
Yellow and green
Don't seem to matter too
All that my heart 
Asks for now
Is from colours
Of blue and white
In You.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Hey hey hey
Sufi's talking 
of esoteric nature of veil
Its there to hide yet reveal
says he:
beauty is hidden
to let lover seek
true essence of form
and, ahaa thinks me
so is that why this game 
of hide and seek?
It sets out an eternal theme,
mortal - no wonder
is irresistibly drawn
to reach out
remove cover to meet
the Divine within
alluring veil of matter! 

Monday, March 03, 2014

Divine Alchemy

I expand
I constrict
Resist and desist 
Slapped and smacked
Then lulled by gentle Hand
Through turbulence 
I discover peace
Oh how exquisite
Is with Your name cast
Alchemy of a soul. 

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Seek and you shall find

As I look around
In this jungle
With a maze of many a well-trod track
Running this way and that
With agonised gaze
I crumble,
Which direction should I take
Should I give up
Or continue to walk
How do I muster strength to take
Yet another step
That'll bring me closer to God?
A promise then appears
In consciousness I hear
A whisper form
Another story of success gets told
As if to subtly say:
Don't despair
Come on walk
It's writ clear on planetary scroll -
Seek and you'll find.