Friday, October 21, 2011


soul - it is a miracle
lines on face
streaks of grey
weary bags
adorn the eye
belly tyres grace
the body ages
while soul
steadfastly stands
test of time.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

कुहासा गहरा है
फिर भी नज़रें 
टिमटिमाती रौशनी से
मंजिल का निशाँ
पूछ ही लेती हैं,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sunshine promise

i am prepared
to be frozen
once again
as I peeped
over window sill
saw wintry sky
painted grey
with clouds
in there
was held no moisture
nor enticing lustre.

and then
skies parted
for just that moment
sun peeked
touching roof slate
its sheen of gold
reached out
to say
no its not adieu
forever, bear with clouds
for this while
till spring clocks in -
sun will for sure smile
be with me

आंसू की बूँद
बड़ी नमकीन होती है
मन के अतृप्त सागर
की प्रतीक जो ठहरी!

i.l.u. x ∞ = constant

an equation was agreed
signed and sealed in hearts
we were heedless then.

it required constancy
for an eternal infinity
we were reckless
no wonder to part
was deal of default.

in lives
we departed
breathed, dwelled in solo silos
now its time to return
be back to square one -
i turn cover
reach page
book keeping has kept
sincerely recorded
the equation is constant
resentment there's none.
उसकी सरगोशी में अब भी
मुसर्रत बाकी है, और बेईमानी भी

सो हर आहट पे धड़कन ज़रा 
धक्धाकती है, कि क्यूँ भला 
मेरी ख़ामोशी में बरजस्ता
तुम्हारी आवाज़ चली आती है -

यहाँ कहने सुनने को अब क्या रहा?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn Play

My windscreen framed 
gay fall breeze
happily toss leaves
some green
some in shades of 
orange, yellow, red too
- in the oblivion
of playful seasonal banter
stood stoically firm
the trees
they'll soon be bereft!

While watching the play of season in clinic car park.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

The old woman smiled
as I chose to reveal
a heart, it bled
of wounds
from the old.

will you soothe
i pleaded
relieve of pain
from thorn
that i'd plucked,
placed beside a lonely heart
believing for rose
its the soul mate
destined, doomed to last.

It did not, got shed
didn't stand by me
through time
yet I moan
turn with pain
at loss of thorn
that isn't there -
it didn't stay forever.

A feeling sigh
then elapsed
her eyes lit
with wise emotion
it swept away
the farcical notion
that what i'd lost
was heaven's creation
so it was meant
doomed to last.

No, she said
it happens not
true mates are sprouts,
produce of toil
with dual labour
of hand and heart
love flourishes
upon this earth
for here itself
knots get tied
bonds for lifetime
are sealed and signed-
marriage like friendship
is made together
it isn't made  in heaven.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

दिल को लगी है
जो दिल की लगी 
ये कैसी है दिल्लगी खुदारा,
घायल जो अरमान हैं
चाहत से बढ़ के तो
खुदी को पाने को
बेकल हैं -
चाहें ये बरबस
तुमरी शरण में गुज़ारा.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

it can't be love

is it just a ritual
to observe
convention to follow
desire to satisfy
or need
for which remedy
I do not know
- why do i seek You
with much fervour
and then return to
be rejected
yet once more?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

निशा के आँगन में
चांदनी कुछ इस तरह छिटकती है
जैसे मेरे दामन में
तन्हाई बस्ती है
और सुना है 
ऐसे में ख़ामोशी 
कुछ यूं आहट करती है 
जब इक धड़कन कहती है
तो दूजी सुनती है ---

तो क्या सुना तुम ने?


The setting sun
serenely illumined
a lush countryside
where dotted across green
were several
white fleece of sheep
meticulously grazing
oblivious to else all
so carefully intent
on task at hand
living the moment
as if,
knew from within
they were secure
they were guarded,
looked after
by their Shepherd
who though unseen
vigilantly held His post.

En-route to London from Coventry, 26.9.2011