Friday, November 26, 2010


Moving around
merged within a sea
of humanity
I strove earnestly
with many a seeking
wanting souls, demanding-
a greater share
of wholesome Divinity.

I ache too
to dissolve - submit
my cells, in their
bare molecular form
to be part, adorn
mosaic that purposeful nature forms -
my tangible self
does yearn its place
in vastness thats Yours.

Lips converse each day
with Thee, and
many a prayers whisper'd
some said aloud
others beseech in murmurs
I listen with silent lips -
in awe
as arid flesh does struggle
to articulate only utterance
of my soul.

Hear me Lord here,
where You've
called for me
listen to me above thunderous rolls
frightening rise and fall of sea
within its waves
is a tiny form
the particle that carries
name of me
has presented Yea
with its discrete call
and a plea.

I've said before
I say again with glee-
here I am
ready to heed
be available
to soak and drench
in sweat and rain
I'll happily toil
in submission, I've turned
to thee - so reject me not
as its your turn now
please do accept Me.

Lost Soul

I wanna know
who I am
where I belong.

Starting from East
from a land
of diversity,
where black and brown
held cheerful stance
to dance gleefully
in paucity;
in prime
I walked
thru' sun and sand
across span of seven seas
to western land
where I merged
with ease
to abide
amidst human hues
of white, yellow
dark, stark and sallow
but I had
lost me.

In seeking answer
to know myself
will it be then
of any help
to start to question
probe some further -
What is the colour
of a human soul?


I was happy
when you tiptoed
ever so silently behind
to hold hands
and walk beside
oblivious to the storm
raging within
you dissloved
to blend with me
as one.

I know you now -
where art thou?

Monday, October 11, 2010


कितना तोड़ती मरोड़ती है
झकझोरती खाखोरती है
फैलती फिर सिकोड़ती
भी है
ये जीवन की पाठशाला
केवल इतना बतलाने को
की जीवनधार में
प्रवाहित हैं कई, पर मानस
बस अकेला है.

Life lawn

Across the wide expanse
of sprawling lawn lies-
a lifetime of memories
some tender, too sweet
others best weeded out
I think as fingers extend-
knackered and knarled
to gently separate
the lush and green
from yellowed, faded lot
endurance hurts
at pricks of thorn
telling me to dare not
withdraw, for bitter
or sweet, desirable tho' not
they present to me
seeds from yesterday -
sown and surviving
cast my way
by winds of time
stand as stubborn
reeds on very own
ground that spans
my today.

- Sabina Fatima Hussain

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sharebroker called

Sharebroker called:
there's been a slump
market is bust
with share prices record low
the opportunity's best
to sow
for future, its good time
to invest.

I said:
yeah you're right
I've heard on the news
recession's rife
and businesses on close
in millions are numbers
with no wages to keep
families 've broken
lives been lost;
gover'ments announced
public coffers are dry
banks've been funded
for executives to thrive
with workers at strike
home 'n' hearth
at threat-
the present sounds dire,
thanks for the tip;
as stakes seem high
it must be opportune
to risk good fortune
act before delay
hampers any chance
of projected growth
go ahead, do secure
abide by the no'm
can you please buy
for me
the best shares

Friday, June 04, 2010

Zebra Crossing

Four decades
It takes -
more or less
to see across and through
understand the hue
of stripes
in black and white
laid on way
that is meant
to be crossed
to be on other side,
to accept it all
then walk in control
putting on hold
waiting traffic rush
as its time here
to let fears go
be safely on move
for at middle age
is reached-
the zebra crossing
of life.


I was a small-town girl
so grew up
chatting, talking, laughing
living life with a swirl.

I am now
a grown up part
of a complex globe:
with changed dynamics
in order to survive
it is inevitable to try
struggle to belong
instead of self
to a plexus of people
that take pride
more than themselves
in those that they know
by positions they hold;
so energies are spent
to painstakingly plan
where to be and when
how to sell
self credentials of worth
look happy, wear smile
feign cheer to befriend -
never the person
but their post is beheld.

I too do
still chat, interact
communicate, connect
and talk with a screen
when reading and listening
in between the said line,
I however remain
consciously on guard
to save from hurt
li'l girl that hides
behind expertly worn
veneer of a pro'
as regretfully with past
ways of the carefree
are gone-
it seems indeed
into a jangle of nerves
I am truly networked!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Being Human

Human being
was born -
to rise as fair from folly,
but with lifetime lost
in zest
to be this and be that
to keep in balance
the worldly act
to be seen more important
than the rest
especially more than one
who's somewhat less,
I say -
where's a chance
ever for us
to try to just
being Human.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The inevitable

Hey I see
a ripple in the six pack
with red rucksack poised on back,
an impatient move of shoulder tells -
he is ready
to go out, Honey!

Will he falter
on the way
or walk ahead
with challenge in steps
will he tread with head held
tall and high
'coz tempest
of prenatal blood
churned him so -
it ignited fires
in his belly?

Or, will heart
be overruled
overcome by sane superior mind
as a quirk
of Mendelian rule
mark your claim
to make calm cautious stance
his easy, restful stead
'coz he chose
to live life like you
with acceptance
that wants cause no stir
not blow a whistle
on foul play
umpteen hidden in
our social mores.

Oh how
impatiently do I watch
to see where in him
is you or me:
in that arch of bushy brow
that seem mine
the flare of nose
yes, its yours;
but what about his sight?
In what direction shall it take
to which school
will the will belong
which path will be trod
when we're steered on along
with, wherever
that vision beckons
merger of our genome(s),
there in time we'll travel with him
together - you and me,
as nature's alchemy
when it rewrote us
we were destined
to be he.

Look he's ready-
the cocktail of our lives
is to be served, and
savoured by his world,
dahling its time to let go
to bid farewell
say adieu
as spring is henceforth bygone
all we can do is behold
hold on to other's hand
for our bid
has already been done -
blink no longer at horizon
by Jove,
he is gone.

With fruits
near harvested,
summer's eve gets only shorter,
autumn's chill is set on the on
and winter, it soon shall creep
upon, so turn
give life a bear hug, then
before we hear or say
mate good bye
please, look back not
look on no further
here for you
I do still wait
in good faith I remain
to keep
your heart 'n' hearth
in warmth.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


agar jeevan hai
Kshirsagar jis ki
machalti, jhinjhhorti
lahron se takra kar
hi paana hai
muthi bhar sarvratan-
to mujhe duba do
har pal nishthurta se
kar lo mere pran haran
par de dena
sab kuch hi le kar
bas woh ek anmol ratan
bhar dena meri jholi
mein seep liye
sacche preet ki
satvik aanch,
jis mein jeevan dan
deta divya deep
ka prakash saja ho!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paarkhi Prabhu

Tum to paarkhi
ho na niyaton ke
to mila kyon nahi
mera man aangan
apna ghar basane ko?
fursat ho to jhanko
is man mein
jahan har kone ko
kiya swarn khara tha
bas tum se hi
gaanth lagane ko.
phir diya kyon nahin-
kehlate jo Daata,
kisi gaam
mujhe sukoon
chalti hoon dagmag
kadmon se jab
is karmbhumi pe
jis pe tum ne
mera naam likha?

suno main ne
Rabb maana hai
tum ko, Parmaatma
naam se hi jana hai
to ab duja nyaay
upaay nahi -
ke kadam tika do
haath pakad lo
ukhdi meri saans sambhalo
durgam ye agnipath hai
ab wo waqt aa gaya
mere bhi to
Prabhu bano na.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ties of blood

they say
ties of blood
remain unsevered bonds
over time
through highs and lows
in hours of need
when traversing up and down
its kind voice of kith and kin
that sustains
with unfailing respite
affirming again
and again
that alone we're not
meant to endure
in hardest of times
our relatives are there
to cheer
as blood is thicker
than water.

this for me
is a myth -
well proven in time and again
for my brood endured
gave precious company
only when times were hearty, of plenty
yet when i yearned
for a healing touch
or turned to them
for a listening ear,
in desperation
I found -
in times of distress
my kindred
were too busy
to care.

We'd shared
a root, bore names of same
one family tree,
but with the misfortune's strike
it was blood
that swiftly dried
the element of water
it flowed so freely
to cleanse to cure
it gushed as spring
from source untagged
chanced upon by heart
they stood near
enough to reach
to lean upon
unquestioning shoulders;
so affectionately
these nameless bonds
extended with ease
enabled to live
survive beyond the mundane
in human existence -
their Holy hand
had wiped off gently
all tarnish and tear.
Thank God
that water is thinner
than blood.

Friday, May 07, 2010

In life

In life
we ride high tide
and sometimes low
when on crest
its easy to be spotted
to be followed
by those who
clambour close to play
up to the challenge
of the survival game;
its at bottom of troughs
though that we find
only self
to hug close, hold tight
to stay barely afloat
and if at such times
blessed are we with a few
precious chums
that choose
to swim alongside
to hum
tunes of patience,
courage and cheer
to tug us along
with lifeline spelt hope
pulling to the shores
with selfless care,
they are the ones
that deserve
to be cherished
close to our heart.

mama ka nidhan

Badi hi sookhi
rookhi padi thi khaak
tumhari qabr pe
pardes ki mitti
jhulsaati dhoop mein
dekha so mama
aansuon ka chidkao
aaj main kiye
aayi hoon
kuch nami mein
jo kami pade to
khwabon mein aa
batla jana-
main phir aaoongi
rone ko.


Hawaiee jahaz jab
ruka khada tha
khila mein -
zamin ambar ke darmiyan
utarne ke intezaar mein
tha thama, ke lambe safar ki
thakaan thi.

Dekha main ne tab
bhoori dharti aatoorta se
moonh uthaye
tak rahi thi ek tak
kshithij mein pat gagan ka
neela, ujjwal, pradeept aasman
us se aalingan badh
hone ki manokamna
bas anayas mere man ki
mook pukar bani
to us damm palat
prithvi ye boli:
haad maans aur hawa
par nirbhar Paarth Putra
hey Maanas
teri parvaaz abhi baaqui hai.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bihar ki Beti

Us des ki geeli mitti pe
nange paon chali
bachpan kheli, danda gulli
kankar, goli-
guddi ban swachhand phiri
aakash mein patangon se
nirbhaye hi takrayi thi;
loo ki tapish mein
hi to tap kar,
zindagi ki jhulas bhi
na tamtama payi thi

Sondhi khushboo saawan ki-
us se rijh kar hi
janpreet ne man ko ghera;
saanjh ko poorva byaar chali
genda. chameli, juhi, champa
raat ki chandni mein rajnigandha
se saj kar sab aangan mehke;
toote taare kuch kasak liye
dhruv ne disha ingeet karwayi
jab taron ki mehfil mein bas kar
rang, raag, prakriti ka hum ne
khushmast jaam peeya;
neem bargad tale jhoola jhoole
jin ki oonchi pengon ne
jeewan ki udaanen bharne ki
ada hamen sikhlayi thi.

Beren khaeen, guthli choosee
chatkharon se imli khayi thi-
Ganga ne seenche the
woh phal phool
jin se jeene ki shakti aayi to
santosh, dheeraj ke
ankur phoote,
bani khari boli
sach ko chun kar
sabal manobal
aur adig kadam se
karamyog ki diksha payi thi.

So hoon aaj bhi natmastak
wrin se,
garrv ka aabhas bhi hai
ke beti hoon Bihar ki.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Maa ruko abhi
nahi badi huwi main
man nirbal ab bhi
darta hai.

Maa thamo zara
kuch aur ghadi
meri peed haro
ke jwar taap jo ho
har asmanjas
har thokar par
hriday chitkar bas
maa maa
karta hai.

Nahin badi huwi main..

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Don't dig
new roots
into this unaccustomed
as skin shrivels
on me I fear
I'll lose touch with
grounds that I always
knew to be
my own.

4.4.10 on bus when returning from Venice to Florence.

- Sabina Fatima Hussain

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


i've reached
a state
where there is no want
to possess
yes i'm ready
to let go -
is this nirvana -
i ask myself
when my cup of life
is just full
filled to the brim
with no drop to spare
for over spill
no space is there
remaining to let
extreme emotions

Thought bubble that floated up on the steps at St Marcos Sqaure in Venice with Aamal quietly playing by me on the afternoon of 3.4.10

My Gladiator

You said
can you be a Gladiator
I say Son sure be -
all of us are anyway warriors
in varying ways of world.

Some wage war
for want of wealth
some to possess power
or seek control so
they wreak havoc
with awesome plunder
on all to be fancied
time casts their mark
with bloodshed, parting, disaster,
a trail of legacy
is left behind
in seeping wounds so raw
they still continue to bleed
smoulder pages of our history.

Those battles cost
a fortune dear
for soil and toil of world
beauty, creativity were
destroyed after
so lovingly man's hand
generated whenev'r
it happened that there was
a brief pause for peace.

Looking back
at tales of past,
I'll wish and choose
to bless thee
with best as I can see
head, go forth
do fight, if you must,
but not for sake
of base desire,
your choice of war
ought deserve
brave mettle of the Freeman
I raised aloft
to let his eyes see
lofty causes to aspire
so surge, lunge and rise
to discover
countless ways
to truth, justice and liberty
for all with your might obtain
science and art as art of God
to be preserved.

Do cast your sword
yes cut with steely words
let man's mind yield
with flicks of pen
move of tongue
colossal blows of intellect
render carve out
reach for destiny
go Gladiator go achieve
live as man among men
who're committed by their vows
with raging passion in caring heart
smear hope and faith across
your life's canvas
to urge some more
inspire many
against what humanity
sadly still endures-
for poverty, pain and misery
are demonic scourges that
my Gladiator has
to strike.

Aamal asked to be a Gladiator, standing in arena of the Colosseum, Rome on 1st April 2010.
The guide said:
take Hope, Charity, Faith
to find
true wealth
of this world-
is Contentment.

Thought bubble raised by travel guide Michael in Florence on 3rd April, 2010.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I stopped
asking long ago-
'Why me?'.
instead when
come joy
or sorrow
I take
I smile
then say-
'What next?'

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I pray
in solitude
seeking silence
in your strength
I take refuge
in pain
let me feel
You in human touch,
in hardship
give a will
to try again
I ask for Heaven
here to see
'coz Blue Planet
is Divine-
if only life could be let
to be
no Eden
can ever better be.

leaving a mark

the very fact that
'you are'
you've left
your mark
on the face of time;
its deep
for some
for others mere dent ,
how does it matter;
now no longer
can even destiny erase
that you've happened
evolved and overcame
to be
a cherished page
of history
in memory
of those who love

aankhon se bahta
paani sasta hai
aaj menhgi hai
kuch pal ki bas

waqt bahut hai
bhag daud ko-
par paane ki
khoj mein kahan
milta hai kabhi

dooriyan kat ti
to hain safar se-
ho paati kya tab hasil
sada hamen
hamari manzil?

shabd likhne
sunne ki kami kahan-
phir bhi ghulli milli
hai kyon man mein
ye ghor ekaki?

computer, cyber
sms, email, phone
kayi sadhan
anek manoranjan hain
pade magar-
mila nahi jag bhar mein
saccha preet aur

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adharm ki neenv par ,
dharam ki imarate
bulund nahin hoti
sach ka pani
khara hi sahi
seenchta to hai
jadon ko-
tabhi sar utha kar
lahlaha patin hain
ped ki shaakh
uski ubharti

Saturday, March 20, 2010

nisha ka pat
choom kar
suraj ne apni
kirnon ko bikhera hai
amantrit kar raha hai go
phir se
jo saj chuka hai
karm bhoomi ka rann
aakash mein hai
prakat 'aaj'
aao ise ham
apne bhinn rang
se bhar den
kuch yoon
ke pradipt prakash
se bharpoor ho
navprabhat ka
ye savera hai.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yes mind wanders
and alongwith
it takes my soul
seeking and questing
ardently I pause and peek
look into other lives
trying hard to understand
how peace
is achieved
in humdrum and chaos
of daily existence.

Coping from one day
to next, is weekly toll
ticking away months,
then years
on calendar's scroll
I find no time to be
a rishi or muni
to rest in mountains or green,
to spend life on ponder
'bout hows and whys
of mortal existence
randomly chanced
upon the earth
when womb bore forth
new life joined
diverse cosmos
doomed with discontent
wanting to know,
find real purpose in life
with wholesome goal
aspiring to live
with aim to fulfil
a human role
in one lifetime.

Racing through list
from day to day
plagued is mind
unresolved about
meaning of 'mine'
I pick signs hither
then for clues look thither
I ask myself
why is it worthwhile to live
for mere mirth, just a laugh,
ignoring eternal fact
that ruthless can be
twists, turns in life,
where precious fragility
defines being alive
where no one escapes
marks of pain, parting is there
tests with heartbreaks
for on cycle of life, there's no control
on matters that matter
in joy or pain, loss or gain,
or when happiness profound
bows off with curtsey
to let
sorrow seep in
with sway of an unwaverin'
reckless sweep of tide
the unseen hand of Divine
has beckoned - He
rolls and calls
from log of Destiny.

Truthseekers so many
are seeking for truth
or is it myth,
they search in vain?
will answers tally,
or be found at all?
at times to wonder
seems such waste of time
to want to know
what lies in store
when uncertainty appears
to be the natural law!
Ah unresolved,
remains my fractionated form
scattered as bits
of an unsolved jigsaw
I ache and crave
for utter Unity-
would meditation, detachment
grant this wish,
magic potion of being loved
act, be illusory reprieve,
will solace be found
with devotion to One
will I find 'me' ever
in harmonious unison?

Friday, March 12, 2010


kabhi kahan
thamta hai -
anjali bharo to
jal rista hai
badal bane phuhar
nadi, nala, jharna ban
bahta rahta hai aab
dekho agar
tum saagar ko
usme bhi paoge dhaar
thame neer
tabhi jab
roke dharti
banaa ke jheel talaab
lekin wahan
mauje nahin hotin.

isi liye to main bahta paani

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Steps today
led my way
to green, where
heartening it was
to see
new shoots
weather toughened ground
eager to bloom
were buds of yellow
and violet crocuses
harbingers of spring
unchecked, unfettered
were held not back
by the chill that bites
still stifles the air;
a statement was made thus
simply to say
mettle of new lot
will always have its way
to brush aside
sway away
any wintry gloom
there's promise of colours
that March of youth
can bring.

On way to Hervines with Kranti.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

chamkila pal

ek chamkila pal
sarak pada kal
beete lamhon ke matiyale
paanon ke darmiyan se
jab puraani yadon
ki taaq main
sanwar rahi this;
jane kab se
phansa raha
woh wahan
intezaar mein
aur phir bin maange
bin chahe gulzar
kar gaya dhoondhlati galiyan
jin ka rang ab
kuch pheeka
pad chala tha!


meri nigah
dhoondhti hai
har gaam
tumhara hi chehra
umadti bheed mein
insaanon ka toofan
hichkole de raha hai
mere man mein
abhang sannata

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

a promise

what shadows
are you talking about
mate these only form
with reason, it happens
when sun shines high
in clear sky to warm
and yield passion
ardence sweet fruit of desire
arise only in spring and summer
fair seasons of life
have long since left
now fall is here
to temper
with age our roots outstretch
hold on reach deep
to settle down in
toughened soil
a bare and bearing soul
that stands bereft
of memories
its been long
since these were shed
in heaps and piles
like time-yellowed leaves
they've dried
shrivelled for ever
never shall now green adorn us
the hours of dusk
and dawn are past
gone is the bygone
forever its etched deep
set in stone
as far as I can see
a tranquil night
is there to loom
blending in the horizon
so at this moment
of rest and ease, I'm keen
not to let
any light to filter in
I'll leave no space, no room
my dear
for shades, sound, shapes
from yesteryear
to haunt or disenchant
hence close to mind
hold fret nor fear
'coz sunshine has departed,
no lamp or candle
shall be lit
for thee, your love did not endure
in darkness
it'll meet its doom-
No shadows will be cast.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

dosti bhali hai
ashiqui se -
prem vish
bahut vishaila

Monday, March 01, 2010

the increasing gap

small wonder
it is to note
rich and wealthy
surge ahead
gloating of
what's held
in account -
assets, pennies
and many pounds;
for privileged
the sums are there
to reap, and grow
yield yet more
and more
as money begets

Left far behind
in health and bounty,
dismissed mercilessly
an unfairly played
social race
are the penniless;
they have nothing
but nought
to multiply with
this always will
leave a zero!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Friend is one
who holds your heart
is there,
when you need them
for such a friend
do make concessions
as you would like, treat them
forgive easily their mistakes
accept apology , when sorry's said.
be kind, when they're
out about
living in a strange land.

Accept invitation to be togeth'r
answer greetings with a smile
don't ever treat with boredom
their company is to treasure
Discourage backbiting with,
about them,
prevent from being unfair
persist in giving
good advice,
and stand by when
they've come to hurt,
are subjected to injustice.

Guide them to get back
when they are lost
help redeem losses that may occur
fulfill their trust to very best
take their word to be of honour
sincerely do guard
their secrets
don't ever forsake them
if tide runs high
times become too troubled.

Accept their gifts
with warmth and love
never take them ever
for granted
thank for their help, support
be grateful for assistance
return favours with good
and kind word,
send on and off
a wish.

Extend a hand
when they're 'bout to fall
visit when they are ill
be there for them
at their funeral
to speak of them
as person of character
and good merit,
then affectionately
reach, hug in protection
their family as your own.

Wishing everyone the best of all relationships - FRIENDSHIP

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zindagi mein
tabhi tak -
tufanoon se
guzar basar kar
takleefon ki gard jhad
kuch pal sahi
jab jati hai saj
doston ke sang
hoton par
hansti khilkhilati


It is possible
to rise
from the ashes
with a smile.
Na tumhare sukh mein hum
na hamare dukh mein tum
phir kaisi
ye yaari

Monday, February 22, 2010

I remember

SJC I remember
your vast expanse of grounds-
that spread the world
out there for me
in many a vibrant colour
there I saw esteemed
Sister Mary
as chubby as her kindness
that was there defined
in every single crease
on that friendly face
dignity stood proud
upon a lone white hair
jutting from her chin.

SJC I remember
our nose fronted 'Blue Bus'
it ferried squash'd and squeeling
school kids, plus
my half dozen siblings
from Krishna Puri to
the Ghat Mahendroo
its wheels did steadily reel
screechily when bus
came to halt
were throngs and throngs
of hawkers-
they yelled to shell out
pachak and golgappa
peppered guava did entice
while mouth watering were
the lavishly served
spicy chats of aaloo.

The moustached 'Golden' man
doled out
ice-creams from his box
his indulgent smile
spoke in volumes of satisfaction
it flick'd and gleam'd
as lollies were licked off
we then galloped
on and on, hopped across
rows and rows of
stone bench
to hastily quench
the thirst we drank
from leaky cups
of hand.

SJC I remember
flights of hungry ravens-
in hoards they swooped
down upon mates
who flock'd in grounds
behind shut green gates
to run in merry play
it was then
those beasts descended
to prey at lunch hour
our food was grabbed
snatched taken away
devoured, consumed
in jolly galore;
all we did was turn
our eyes with a sorry sigh
to look up
at the open sky
with tears and dismay

SJC I remember
those ghostly ghostly tales
spun by boarders -
they cheekily played
silly games of planchett
then recounted with brags
of gal nightly visits
and spiritly encounters
to astound and scare
very life off us, who
turned away in gay abandon,
bidding them adieu-
every afternoon
we went to homes
leaving them in school.

SJC I remember
the games - budhiya kabbadi
kho kho, dots and crosses
roses and posies
march to beat of drums
chanting prayers
and hymns were sung
in classrooms and assembly;
sounds of songs rose high
to kiss, reverberate
thru' the beams that adorn'd
our old music hall
a lasting spell was cast upon us
when Bollywood classics
got screened-
then there were
plays, debate, elocution
fancy dress competition
were held to cheer, enchant
there was challenge and salute
with varied talent displays.

SJC I remember
eerie narrow stairs
right beside the auditorium door
that led high
to junior lab and library
it catered with
Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys,
Famous Five, Secret Seven
Naughty Girl of Enid Blyton
thrilled to bits, primed us
for adventures
in our lives.

In lessons were: 'Miss
please excuse me'
for not needed escapades to loo
then were times
when we conspired
to peek inside
the habit to gain
some very naughty views
then were times
of innocent wander
exploring the rear corridors
curiosity brought me
to chance and peep inside
nuns' living quarters
where silence often graced
aisles were quiet
inside the Chapel
where I could get
a taste of peace.

SJC my alma mater
I'll always remember
the decade well spent
learning what
life ought be from you:
physical and social sciences
man is a social animal
problem solving with maths
hand in hand go rights and duty
honour, courage and humility
to let devotion integrity
guide, be compass
when ways felt lost
we learnt here to
say with ease - 'I love you'
and lasting friends for life
I gained so many, SJC
I got much
too much from you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Phir wohi rudali

Kal anayas hi ghoomte ghoomte
cyber ke bikhare pannon par
shabd todate jodate
bahla rahi thi main
apne vichlit man ko -
tab kan kan roondha gaya
mere bachpan ke
ek dost ka gham -
wahi ekaki
wahi rudan tha
wahi thi
paapi prem ki peedan.

Junjhlayi main
kuch kari rudali,
phir man se thi hook uthi -
kyon hum sab sakhi
ghoom rahe bematlab
chahat chahne ke
gol ghunwar mein?
kayi aur bhi to ho sakte the
aur hain bhi masale nit paraye
unhen apnate
aur jee jate hum tum
bin hichki ke.

Kahan khot hai?
kidhar kami thi -
jab rang chadhata tha Vidhata
jab bunte jate the har din
bachpan se dhaage yauwan ke?

Kaal ghalat tha
jab janame the -
ya mamta ka aanchal
seenchta tha vyarth hi
karampath pe aanewale
din ko?

Dosh tha kakscha, katha ka
ya guru dakshina par hi
koyi gaanth padi thi -
jo le gayi woh dayan
bahla ke ham se, tum se,
kisi aur sakhi se
sukh, chain hamara
bik gaya nirarthak
muffat hi sub kuch
loota, sacchi preet ki
laalas aas ne.

Refer poem 'advice' on


Hai darkar mujhe
ek angeethi
jis ke koilon ki
dahak se senk loon
apna thithoorta
soona man.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

today's lesson

All I smell, see
hear and feel to taste
is because the grey cell
works for me.
These work well
and serve right
only with intellect
that foresees -
desire and lust
deliver not
rather settle discontent,
not glee
So wisdom lies 
in awareness
in being conscious
and striving on
incessantly -
to set the spirit free.

Recipe to freedom: dharam, karam & yoga

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Satyamev Jayate

Gandhi ji bole to sahi
shikshak ne bhi seekh dhari
maa ne batlaya tha padh padh -
Satyamev Jayate Jayate

Nahin samajh sake
nadaan bade the
waqt ko phir batlana tha
jab jhooton ki
andhi nagri mein
umar chadhi
ghata ghor ghiri
tab mere dagmag kadmon ne
arth sahaj hi jaana tha
pag hile nahin, hast bali huye
us dum hi-
jab man achran ek jut bole
Satyamev Jayate Jayate.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I loved staying awake
Clambouring out of bed
Each day -
To welcome sound 'n' sight
To ride the highs and low
That was brought in with light.

Things have changed
Ever so slowly silently -
Turning my days
Into long welcome nights
I love falling asleep
again and again.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


I'd met once
not long before -
a mate
who was matched
in mind to mine.

We gazed together
at same horizon
in same frame of time -
spotted hues
smelled fragrance
sought and thought
in ways similar
when nights and days
were chatted away
sipping sizzling cups
of tea and lime.
Our paths had met
once and once alone
by chance, destiny
it was to move on
without any ponderance
on the sweetness of
our rhyme.

We parted road
changed direction
moving on was will of life
No questions there
remained to raise
no need to seek for reason
why it was meant
to look ahead
why couldn't norms
entertain us
why life couldn't be asked
for more of life
in this life?

Never for once
did we stop or listen
to heed melody of our souls,
small surprise then
I never realised-
person that'd been
left behind was
true partner
to my whole.

Not until the night
before did
a realisation dawn
transported I was
shipped ashore
across waters of sublime
Lo behold it seemed
no dream, I was there
in sweet company
it was my friend
with you
I was at home.

We walked
we talked
looked, laughed and
stopped along to listen
pouring forth
in our silence
were no less than
a thousand word
so much was said
not much undone
without utterance
of a kind.

Your glance was set
upon my face-
it warmed aglow
my gaze
without speaking
you raised a hand
to stop from fall
a single drop
holding on to lash.

Lips then moved
while hearts rejoiced -
sanity began to slip
my words flowed alongside
yours in a conversation
divine up along
till pause was reached
in time to seize in heart
the demand
of random flutter.

A surge was felt-
it paved the way
to give in to temptation
hands held abay
pushing away
from sway of stray emotion
when pupils locked
passions razed
to pinnacles of desire
I chose it then
to lay my head
to rest
it was against the heart
I sensed, homecoming
it was forever!

The moment lasted
a fleeting second,
next minute it was gone.
our breaths had risen
to fall in heave
leaving us to wonder
how the hell we'd survived
the blaze of life
with fortitude
and no ardour?

All we did was
to lay and savour
when peace and vigour
gushed in force
from deep tranquil hollows
our souls were filled
right to their brims
for one had met
the other.

I woke up next
in empty bed, turning over
to my side desperately in vain
I tried to hide
as rays of sun
did hit me;
it extinguished
the night, light
extended sight and vision
I c'd see with my stretch
of arms, a working day
had begun.

There was no time
to swoon or moon for
while sweet bliss it was
with you near
no heart breaks now, its okay
even tho' you're gone
for I've had
my chance, a special moment
it'll hold to
make my smile to linger
happily I'll mill about
my daily grind, strive around
till supper.

Rise and shine
I'll my love now, to hum
along the way
I'll search for memories
all day through in experience
that was meant to last
be eternal it was not
yet O how beautiful
it was for sure
when mind had
mated mind!