Monday, April 19, 2010

Bihar ki Beti

Us des ki geeli mitti pe
nange paon chali
bachpan kheli, danda gulli
kankar, goli-
guddi ban swachhand phiri
aakash mein patangon se
nirbhaye hi takrayi thi;
loo ki tapish mein
hi to tap kar,
zindagi ki jhulas bhi
na tamtama payi thi

Sondhi khushboo saawan ki-
us se rijh kar hi
janpreet ne man ko ghera;
saanjh ko poorva byaar chali
genda. chameli, juhi, champa
raat ki chandni mein rajnigandha
se saj kar sab aangan mehke;
toote taare kuch kasak liye
dhruv ne disha ingeet karwayi
jab taron ki mehfil mein bas kar
rang, raag, prakriti ka hum ne
khushmast jaam peeya;
neem bargad tale jhoola jhoole
jin ki oonchi pengon ne
jeewan ki udaanen bharne ki
ada hamen sikhlayi thi.

Beren khaeen, guthli choosee
chatkharon se imli khayi thi-
Ganga ne seenche the
woh phal phool
jin se jeene ki shakti aayi to
santosh, dheeraj ke
ankur phoote,
bani khari boli
sach ko chun kar
sabal manobal
aur adig kadam se
karamyog ki diksha payi thi.

So hoon aaj bhi natmastak
wrin se,
garrv ka aabhas bhi hai
ke beti hoon Bihar ki.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Maa ruko abhi
nahi badi huwi main
man nirbal ab bhi
darta hai.

Maa thamo zara
kuch aur ghadi
meri peed haro
ke jwar taap jo ho
har asmanjas
har thokar par
hriday chitkar bas
maa maa
karta hai.

Nahin badi huwi main..

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Don't dig
new roots
into this unaccustomed
as skin shrivels
on me I fear
I'll lose touch with
grounds that I always
knew to be
my own.

4.4.10 on bus when returning from Venice to Florence.

- Sabina Fatima Hussain

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


i've reached
a state
where there is no want
to possess
yes i'm ready
to let go -
is this nirvana -
i ask myself
when my cup of life
is just full
filled to the brim
with no drop to spare
for over spill
no space is there
remaining to let
extreme emotions

Thought bubble that floated up on the steps at St Marcos Sqaure in Venice with Aamal quietly playing by me on the afternoon of 3.4.10

My Gladiator

You said
can you be a Gladiator
I say Son sure be -
all of us are anyway warriors
in varying ways of world.

Some wage war
for want of wealth
some to possess power
or seek control so
they wreak havoc
with awesome plunder
on all to be fancied
time casts their mark
with bloodshed, parting, disaster,
a trail of legacy
is left behind
in seeping wounds so raw
they still continue to bleed
smoulder pages of our history.

Those battles cost
a fortune dear
for soil and toil of world
beauty, creativity were
destroyed after
so lovingly man's hand
generated whenev'r
it happened that there was
a brief pause for peace.

Looking back
at tales of past,
I'll wish and choose
to bless thee
with best as I can see
head, go forth
do fight, if you must,
but not for sake
of base desire,
your choice of war
ought deserve
brave mettle of the Freeman
I raised aloft
to let his eyes see
lofty causes to aspire
so surge, lunge and rise
to discover
countless ways
to truth, justice and liberty
for all with your might obtain
science and art as art of God
to be preserved.

Do cast your sword
yes cut with steely words
let man's mind yield
with flicks of pen
move of tongue
colossal blows of intellect
render carve out
reach for destiny
go Gladiator go achieve
live as man among men
who're committed by their vows
with raging passion in caring heart
smear hope and faith across
your life's canvas
to urge some more
inspire many
against what humanity
sadly still endures-
for poverty, pain and misery
are demonic scourges that
my Gladiator has
to strike.

Aamal asked to be a Gladiator, standing in arena of the Colosseum, Rome on 1st April 2010.
The guide said:
take Hope, Charity, Faith
to find
true wealth
of this world-
is Contentment.

Thought bubble raised by travel guide Michael in Florence on 3rd April, 2010.