Wednesday, July 22, 2009


preet dhoondhti hain meri aankhen
tumhare chehre ki har lakeer mein
komal nayan sparsh
madhur lamas hoton ka
har dhadkan meri
bas maang rahi
tum se yehi -
kuch anmol palon
ka narm aalingan
ek nirmam sangam jo
is pyase man ki
thodi peed hare.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

half an hour to midnight
my world is sleeping tight
i toss n turn
watch the rhythm
rise and fall of breathing belly
a silent mate -
I m committed to belong
with solid vows in matrimony.
He sleeps oblivious
as I alone
lie next to none
aware more than ever
of emptiness beyond
my lonesome heart
that struggles hard to resist
the last kindles of flickering fire
from being extinguished
as I face perpetual dilemna:
to be, or not to be -
in love without expectation?

Then ...
a car whizzes past
the street I live, the house
which is home to me, at last
has its silence broken
The screech of brakes
on quiet residential road
state to me with wilful intent -
cheer up now
reach for windows:
a starry sky is set aglow
it is without the moon tho'.
It may be
soulless without the moon
countless comets, stars and planets
but gracely light
the night's courtyard, Yo!
no issues now
let moon to rest
focus outwards on the many more
that shine beside you
breath and blaze
to share with you
their nights and days
with needs and thoughts
filled to brim, waiting to
listen and be listened
seeking to share
life foul and fair
so get on and spread your wings
turn and speak
to those who care
for a soliloquy.

when life breeds new life
the moment that dawns
celebrates the promise of
more pain some love
and experiences anew
that definitely will be -

Wish there could always be
the promise of fulfilment too.