Sunday, April 28, 2013

शाम के सन्नाटों में
चिड़ियों की चहचहाहट के दरमियाँ
एक आवाज़ सुनी थी 
जो कर्मपथ पे अग्र्सर होने को 
ढकेल रही थी 
एक के प्यार को 
कईयों में 
विसर्जित करने को 
ललकार रही थी 
ठोड़ी पकड़ झूकी पलकों को 
पुचकार रही थी 
यूं कह-
कर्म योधा अब सुन चित से 
इस ध्वनि में तेरे विधाता के 
शंख की ललकार है. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

You are special
for you've brought 
me to brink
of abyss in experience
to seek
that which exists beyond
so listen
go on 
give another push
and I
will be delivered
safe and knowingly 
to Him -
He solely is
object and intent
of this
heart's shopping cart.


In the temple
of my being
in this body reside
two gurus -
mind beyond reason
heart in spirit of silence
they seize me
in solitude
kindle a fire
to extinguish dim darkness
thats around
then whisper and point
ever so gently
they draw me
towards You
to experience my whole
Give me strength
To turn in
with steadiness
into my being
with You.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Loneliness -
is a beautiful state
of inner peace
that invites in
the presence
of Holy Divine.

True company
is where silence
finds you -
it holds each unspoken line
preciously close to ear
of listening hearts;
one might be you
and other a soul mate
who's been
divinely defined.

PS: To reassure my sis when she complained of feeling lonely

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Such a starved bank of moss
Till, that May morn,
Blue ran the flash across:
Violets were born!

Sky - what a scowl of cloud
Till, near and far,
Ray on ray split the shroud:
Splendid, a star!

World - how it walled about
Life with disgrace 
Till God's own smile came out:
That was thy face!

Robert browning, he always brings the truth to fore

Monday, April 22, 2013


Am I a co-creator? -
I wonder and sense
there's touch of arrogance
in essence of this role...
No with You
I prefer
I'll most certainly do
I'll serve
with penitent servileness,

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Deep churning
is what you subject my insides to,
are you being cruel
to punish?
I know I've erred
or -
are you being cruel
to be kind
to extract of me
the nectar
I never could've know
it existed, except
when squeezed through
Your delivering hand

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I crawl

I am the spider
That awkwardly crawls
To fall again
In a dangle!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hold me close

I am stumbling
I am reaching out 
with hands outspread
I seek just
Your attention...
no more.

I cry, I weep
I fumble as the chill seeps
Here behold my heart
I've emptied
It's it all
only for You...
come in
and shut its door.

I am straining
I am listening
I stand on trembling tip toe
to scan the horizon
to welcome footstep
that carries 
sound of You.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

i've been a wanderer
of sorts -
in love, work, and home
I've been a seeker of
peace and truth
and now when I look
for place to hang
the tired coat
that hugs my frame to warmth
the eyes have come to rest
where a sign displays
to say:
Not all who wander
are lost,
Yea yay....
I've pulled my sock
back on.

Hail, hear calling
of soul
turn in to plug
into socket of Source
awakening has taken over
awareness is on roll
and as you heal
join flow
of life to connect
with not one, not two
but many like You
who seek their calling
stamped with seal when born
to serve and deliver
as vessel and instrument
sincerely they strive on
to ensure
that will of Divine
is manifest
in abundance its done
Csaba said:
Come on
don't be such a chicken
life often does
give another chance
it's alright to be
In love again.

I said:No no
no more my friend
my heart's now well trained
to gather its beat
turn and run
a million miles away
if love ever comes this way
teasing with its
titillating knock again!
I am very alone
right down to deepest
recess of marrow
yet feel content
that I am with me.
He created in love
with His very own
Spirit he blew and breathed
in us
- the power to rise
from human
become Divine
In tamas 
We've dwelled
since we chose to ease
rather than 
endeavour ascension
our finite senses
served to bring down
transform divinity
worship earthly, human forms!

Eat Pray Love

Mantras for life:
Eat love pray
Italy India Bali
breathe behave like Yogi
let go and woo
the four saints 

that are saviours -
Intelligence, strength
Friendship and poetry
they're every person's friend
heart break is the mantle
of the brave alone

they tried
choosing not to stay 

not turn away
when the heart got a knock
It's OK

let it be
it'll heal

you'll recuperate
just swallow vit E
replenish loss with drinks of water

pack bags
travel far and wide 
aound globe go round and round 
without destination
nor keep any desire to arrive
Sleep well
Be silent, be still
meditate, chant and tasbih
speak to take solace
in karma and destiny...

Romance and passion
are ardent forces of life
that open 
gates of heaven
love's to be tasted prior
to entering bliss of Eden
The mantra is not to give up 
so prepare 
to be brave once again.

It takes two
- to make
Love, friendship and music
Without each
Life's lonely walk
That I'd rather take
Unless I'm assured
That I'm loved cared for
Nearly as much
If not 
absolutely the most.
I surrendered
And You
Presented me with a burden
Of choice...
Now please listen
Me out - 
I am happy
To be with Thee
To love you alone
And then if You choose
To reincarnate
Give love to me as boon
In human form
Then let it be
The a live like of Karn
In courage, truth, conviction
For nought else
Nothing less
Will suffice
Any more.
I've asked before
Now ask again
Why would Brahman
Reincarnate into human
divinity was what 
He required aspired 
For us -
It makes little sense
For the Guru emits light 
To rid off darkness
And not cast 
Further shadows,
deepen doubt
For man needs to see 
to be divine.
Sahyadri ki pahadian
Patton ki Chilman
Aur unke lams se siharti
Jagmagati bikharti roshni
Ye dhoop
Tumhare ishare se pahunchi
Hai aaj yahan
Mujhe batane
Hawa mein ab bhi 
Tumhare vishwas ki 
Khushboo baqi hai
Mere dil mein
Tumhare dhadkan ki
Kadak baki hai -
Kafi hai ye
Ek zinda zindagi ke liye.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who are you ?
Challenged my friend 
the fearless one - 

Abhay asked
Are you God fearing
Or a God loving one?

Umm that's easy
Choice - I go on
To retort
yes I love to be 
in His company 24/7
And fire of hell
Or eternal claim on heaven
Couldn't force me to sway
either way
I know for sure.

As creature of present
the sweet silence of being
with Him day in 
and day out
its too intoxicating
so I continue to
Not look beyond
the pleasure of now
I need to draw on this nectar
of His presence
more to survive
than to thrive in
a future promise 

of eternal gains in heaven!

I love Him Abhay
and to be without this link
a round the clock connection 
that makes my day 
pulse meaningfully away
life would be really 
hard to bear by.

I love Him Abhay
much more than hell's fire 

could with fear deter
or love of heaven
could lure me ever 
I am His alone

because the love
I was offered
I'm a drunkenly
God loving one.
Nar se Narayan ne
Bada haas kiya hai
Adrishya ho prakriti mein
Khud ko dhoondhne ka
Woh bhi aashiqui se -
Ka aadesh diya

Phir nirantar Sandesh diya 
yoon ki 
Pramatma to bhi 
parthav preet ki
Kritak ko krit ki
Preet darkar hai.

Par hum
Kahan dhundhen tumhen
Swayam arpan karne ko ?
Samaksh sansaar mein
Jahan ki jagmagahat apni
Chakachaundh se andha karti hai
Ya dil ki galiyon mein
yuun bhi
Jahan andhere virajmaan hain?

To shama jalane
aarti chadhane ko to
tumhare hath 
aur nirantar saath ka israar hai
So ab prakat ho
Prabhu na samaksh sahi
Par arpan ko
Tumhare paas ka 
ahsaas darkar hai
Madlena and I
were in lighthearted stroll
by banks of river Rhine
when she grabbed my hand
and said 

in as loud as a whisper might:'
/hey look 
there's a couple
of madly in love swans 
how lovingly they gaze 

to rest in the other's loving eye
they float serenely on river water
that gently flows and ebbs 
gathering ripples 

into its folds as drizzles
come in of snow 
that's just begun.

I turned to look

follow her
point of finger
And heard her urge
to go on
not delay 
to save image of love in nature

in darkest recess 
of my head.

I listen 
to the passion that soars high
in my friend's caring tone
she says 
she's heard it sung
passed down generations

in local legends and lores
grandmums have assured 

and said -
the one who gets such view
is surely surely blessed 

to find true love 
in this very lifetime
it'll be theirs 
Forever and ever

so my friend
don't delay
I want it so

much for you!

I laughed 
and turned in

to search 
my tender grieving heart
it gave a shrug 

as if to courtesy down and say:
Madlena there isn't 

room herein
I've already had to fit in

many a facets of love
thats talked about
I've been inb love

been sufficiently loved 
much before
I've seen
these lovebirds that sail
with grace bringing
nature's grace to fore
If at all its a sign 

it tells me
my heart 

has had its fill 
of plenty 
of what two share
and it Entices not
for intoxicatingly sweet 

though it is -
it limits it confines

the joy of being.

My love of now 
extends far beyond
in every facet that I witness

I see in its miraculous shine
reflections of Divine
that sometimes touches

twinkle of trust 
in little toddler's hand
or hope that lights

the seeking eye
its held in parent's patients toil
expressions of arts and science

that mind creates
carries indelible mark
that glows in love's radiant spark
and most of all 
I see it apparent
In timeless friendship 

or when unattached hand 
extends beyond blood or social tie
to lift to grace

a fallen soul
and so you see 
I've already witnessed love of many a kind
Madlena dear
at its very best
thats enough for any lifetime
to holds in eternal bind.
From darkness
there leaped 
at me -
demons of loneliness
deception and sadness profound.

I seized upon fear
i'd no choice
but to step near
and valiantly 
look past from past.

Peering through 
my soul's silent ground
I found You 
who stood beyond
with light upheld
I was urged
to accept the Truth.
You've broken
this cage of rib and spine
where I'd placed my heart
To take refuge in.

You made appear
an angel dear
to liberate 

undo the rein
I had worn 

for so long
that now I fear 
I'm exposed ever
more and more 
to barbaric thrusts
of barbs and darts
That cupid 

will hurl 
my vulnerable way.

How do You 
then propose 
I take these 

on myself
chin up with brace and steel?
Or shall 

duck, demure lie low
Or may be 
melt to mellow
in fluid form -
where it'll 
be easy
to absorb 
pain and pleasure 

will disperse alike
with ease no distress.
Yes that's the truth
Of my self realisation
You are 
You've always been there
When I was not seeing
Not listening
Not speaking to your presence
Not tasting the essence
Of my being 
I was thinking and doing 
for all else but you
Their eyes met
For a moment 

to get glimpse
of another soul -
both were 

a part filled bowl
that clanged 
to cheer and mate
to quench
of the other
with fervour 
they took fill 

a pause 
to exchange
serve the other
They parted
Departed to go separate
on paths much trod
For prepared tho'

they were 
to receive 
not give -
each chose to suckle 
not succour
to become together 

one complete whole.
The Chinese medicine man
donned a somber face 

to say, Woman -
your pulse is weak
with sluggish heart you live

with serious imbalance 
of yin and yang.

I hear a giggle of hope
it rises in my belly 
that sneaks out

smile of joy,
bashfully I do speak
to convey:
Great going
you're spot on Doc
I've been 

in deep freeze slumber
for long 

too long a time 
no less than two decades in all;
you know what 
I'm glad i'm here

and heartbeat 
is there at least 
for you to revive 
When I've 

only just about
begun to wake out

of at best
laid to rest reverie.
Thank you -
I've put 
the full stop 
in complete peace
as I leafed thru' 
Liz Gilbert's journey
in Eat Pray Love;
how gently in
a magnificent miraculous way
did You let
the penny drop!

In stillness of soul then
I knew 
the how and why 
of my being 
and understood -
I know You now
and You always knew me 
how could ever I
in depths of ignorance?
suffice it then 
to say at last
with a relieving heave
all that matters 
in this Universe
with truth
is this affair 
that's on between
You and me 
in Your wholeness
I seek to 
be complete
Om Purnamada Purnamidam 
Purnat Purnam Udachyate
Purnasya Purnam Adaya
Purnameva vashishyate.

Taqdeeron ne likha
Har Milne wale
Rahi ka naam 
karmon ki kitab mein
Jab panne khule
To paya
har prushtha se jhaank rahi
Thi smriti ateet ki
Mere man ke ateethi
Har ek ne 
prem-mantra padha
Chao shradha se
Bas zindagi ke utaar par
Saath nibhana Bhool Gaye.
Sense and sensibility
Courtesy two eyes 
Two ears
A head to think
A heart that ticks
And a tongue -
It wants now
Speak only of You.