Saturday, May 29, 2010

Being Human

Human being
was born -
to rise as fair from folly,
but with lifetime lost
in zest
to be this and be that
to keep in balance
the worldly act
to be seen more important
than the rest
especially more than one
who's somewhat less,
I say -
where's a chance
ever for us
to try to just
being Human.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The inevitable

Hey I see
a ripple in the six pack
with red rucksack poised on back,
an impatient move of shoulder tells -
he is ready
to go out, Honey!

Will he falter
on the way
or walk ahead
with challenge in steps
will he tread with head held
tall and high
'coz tempest
of prenatal blood
churned him so -
it ignited fires
in his belly?

Or, will heart
be overruled
overcome by sane superior mind
as a quirk
of Mendelian rule
mark your claim
to make calm cautious stance
his easy, restful stead
'coz he chose
to live life like you
with acceptance
that wants cause no stir
not blow a whistle
on foul play
umpteen hidden in
our social mores.

Oh how
impatiently do I watch
to see where in him
is you or me:
in that arch of bushy brow
that seem mine
the flare of nose
yes, its yours;
but what about his sight?
In what direction shall it take
to which school
will the will belong
which path will be trod
when we're steered on along
with, wherever
that vision beckons
merger of our genome(s),
there in time we'll travel with him
together - you and me,
as nature's alchemy
when it rewrote us
we were destined
to be he.

Look he's ready-
the cocktail of our lives
is to be served, and
savoured by his world,
dahling its time to let go
to bid farewell
say adieu
as spring is henceforth bygone
all we can do is behold
hold on to other's hand
for our bid
has already been done -
blink no longer at horizon
by Jove,
he is gone.

With fruits
near harvested,
summer's eve gets only shorter,
autumn's chill is set on the on
and winter, it soon shall creep
upon, so turn
give life a bear hug, then
before we hear or say
mate good bye
please, look back not
look on no further
here for you
I do still wait
in good faith I remain
to keep
your heart 'n' hearth
in warmth.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


agar jeevan hai
Kshirsagar jis ki
machalti, jhinjhhorti
lahron se takra kar
hi paana hai
muthi bhar sarvratan-
to mujhe duba do
har pal nishthurta se
kar lo mere pran haran
par de dena
sab kuch hi le kar
bas woh ek anmol ratan
bhar dena meri jholi
mein seep liye
sacche preet ki
satvik aanch,
jis mein jeevan dan
deta divya deep
ka prakash saja ho!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paarkhi Prabhu

Tum to paarkhi
ho na niyaton ke
to mila kyon nahi
mera man aangan
apna ghar basane ko?
fursat ho to jhanko
is man mein
jahan har kone ko
kiya swarn khara tha
bas tum se hi
gaanth lagane ko.
phir diya kyon nahin-
kehlate jo Daata,
kisi gaam
mujhe sukoon
chalti hoon dagmag
kadmon se jab
is karmbhumi pe
jis pe tum ne
mera naam likha?

suno main ne
Rabb maana hai
tum ko, Parmaatma
naam se hi jana hai
to ab duja nyaay
upaay nahi -
ke kadam tika do
haath pakad lo
ukhdi meri saans sambhalo
durgam ye agnipath hai
ab wo waqt aa gaya
mere bhi to
Prabhu bano na.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ties of blood

they say
ties of blood
remain unsevered bonds
over time
through highs and lows
in hours of need
when traversing up and down
its kind voice of kith and kin
that sustains
with unfailing respite
affirming again
and again
that alone we're not
meant to endure
in hardest of times
our relatives are there
to cheer
as blood is thicker
than water.

this for me
is a myth -
well proven in time and again
for my brood endured
gave precious company
only when times were hearty, of plenty
yet when i yearned
for a healing touch
or turned to them
for a listening ear,
in desperation
I found -
in times of distress
my kindred
were too busy
to care.

We'd shared
a root, bore names of same
one family tree,
but with the misfortune's strike
it was blood
that swiftly dried
the element of water
it flowed so freely
to cleanse to cure
it gushed as spring
from source untagged
chanced upon by heart
they stood near
enough to reach
to lean upon
unquestioning shoulders;
so affectionately
these nameless bonds
extended with ease
enabled to live
survive beyond the mundane
in human existence -
their Holy hand
had wiped off gently
all tarnish and tear.
Thank God
that water is thinner
than blood.

Friday, May 07, 2010

In life

In life
we ride high tide
and sometimes low
when on crest
its easy to be spotted
to be followed
by those who
clambour close to play
up to the challenge
of the survival game;
its at bottom of troughs
though that we find
only self
to hug close, hold tight
to stay barely afloat
and if at such times
blessed are we with a few
precious chums
that choose
to swim alongside
to hum
tunes of patience,
courage and cheer
to tug us along
with lifeline spelt hope
pulling to the shores
with selfless care,
they are the ones
that deserve
to be cherished
close to our heart.

mama ka nidhan

Badi hi sookhi
rookhi padi thi khaak
tumhari qabr pe
pardes ki mitti
jhulsaati dhoop mein
dekha so mama
aansuon ka chidkao
aaj main kiye
aayi hoon
kuch nami mein
jo kami pade to
khwabon mein aa
batla jana-
main phir aaoongi
rone ko.


Hawaiee jahaz jab
ruka khada tha
khila mein -
zamin ambar ke darmiyan
utarne ke intezaar mein
tha thama, ke lambe safar ki
thakaan thi.

Dekha main ne tab
bhoori dharti aatoorta se
moonh uthaye
tak rahi thi ek tak
kshithij mein pat gagan ka
neela, ujjwal, pradeept aasman
us se aalingan badh
hone ki manokamna
bas anayas mere man ki
mook pukar bani
to us damm palat
prithvi ye boli:
haad maans aur hawa
par nirbhar Paarth Putra
hey Maanas
teri parvaaz abhi baaqui hai.