Monday, December 31, 2012

अकेली का सफ़र

हर रात हर दिन हर पहर
सरक रहे हैं पग -
किस ओर ये खबर नहीं 
ना ही मकसद से मेल हुवा है
इस राह की तकदीर जो तुमने लिखी थी 
बिन पूछे बिन बतलाये 
जब बढ़ा चुके हो 
तो मंजिल का निशाँ 
भी मालूम करा दो 
दोराहों पर अंक लगा दो 
कि अँधेरा और आंसूं 
देखने नहीं देते।

Curtain Call for 2012

Hold on to life reins
for there's more to come -
more joy
more peace...
a stillness to life
that is ever
more meaningful
when glasses half full
are raised with strength
of hands and hearts
that've held together
through thick and thin
Life nectar is a brimful!

to friends that started life together in search of their horizons in 1982 in Patna
their ways separated but hearts remained connected across continents and life experiences

Friday, December 28, 2012

stop distractions

my song sings of you
and heart longs
to be truly taken in
by you - as say the promise
of scriptures
words of the wise
say to who lead
inviting to manna from you.

behold but,
i halt
to ask -
when did i seek
for other
or, any other but you?

no manna
no man
no magic mystic
can enthrall
or call to sate
this heart
it longs alone
to be, belong
only to you.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

खाली कूज़ा

प्याला खाली है
मन का, और तुम
समस्त संसार लिए
मूक बने तकते हो
निस दिन,
इधर मैं निहारती
तुम्हे अधर सिले
खामोश सवाल लिए
देखूं तो मैं भी
कौन बढ़ाये हाथ अभी -
दीन पसारे कोरे कूजे को
या दाता बन भिश्ती
लिए मश्क बढे ?


Fire scorches
that all water within
fails to quench
every particle of earth
that oscillates
in its yearn
to breathe, catch
life from a gustful
of air that rushes
to fill my vaccuum
from without -
i squirm
dig deep to settle
in silent stillness
of my soul.

Let go

When spirits harp in fusion
they harness energy of be-ing
atoms bind - souls unite
to reflect beauty pristine
of purposeful creation.

When hearts split
in discordant notes
there reigns confusion
egos cave in
for heavens to witness
carnage of emotion.

Knowing thus I
dither delay then firmly
avow to be alone
for he wants possess
not partner but cast pain
so i bow
in humiliated acceptance
for greater good
there's price to pay-
For peace
I have to let go.

will you accept

my heart 
is my place of prayer
where I hug close to myself
and offer
self in silent surrender.


साहिल पर पलटती लहरों संग
रेत खिसक रही थी
और मैं तनहा
बस ठिठक ठान खड़ी थी -
स्थिर न सही
ये भूमि तो मेरी है।
रिश्ते फिर बदल चले हैं 
सफ़र में टूटते बिखरते 
स्वयं और समय के
अन्तराल  को झिन्झोरते 
बरस  पड़े फिर से, और -
यह सावन  गीला कर गया
आंसूओं के सैलाब से!

बेला की खुशबू
लीची का गूदा
आमों का रस था
और बहती हुई गर्मी
में अम्मी की गोदी
में बस कर
और सिंक कर
नींदें हुई पूरी
लड़कपन में पलटी
की सखियों संग खिल्ली
-- बीती है क्या खूब
अबकी गर्मी की छुट्टी।

man ki pukar

जीवन की लटाई
अब लपेटने पे आई
तो मन की पतंग इठलाई
हो बेकल वो चिल्लाई
.....अर्रर कोई काट मेरी डोर
कि मैं अब सविभोर
उडू बादलों के संग
बिना ढील बिना पेंच
फिरूं चहु ओर बिना हेंच
जाऊं क्षितिज से मैं मिल
पहने इन्द्रधनुषी रंग
रासूं स्वंत्रता की उमंग।

chal phir uden

चलो एक बार फिर उड़ें
गहरे बादलों के साए तले से निकल
गीले पंख पसार कर चलें
फिर उठें
क्षितिज ढूँढने चलें
तो अये दिल संभल
और परवाज़ कर
परवाज़ कर .

Monday, May 14, 2012


دل کا ہر گوشہ خالی ہے
اور لوح میں میرا پتا پڑا ہے
!ــــ  چلےآؤ 

Mates for life

What worth is friendship
that lasts for time
that's bright as the day
when sun shines
wholesomely to warm.

That one that
cares to last
in rain and sleet
through winterly breeze
when weather growls
and turns to grey
and clouds outpour
grief, or wrath of heaven,
its then that
dampened soul
learns whom to trust, hold on
cherish for life
true mate and friend
that heart did yearn to find.


The shawl of gloom
wraps me warm,
and at times
lifts its veil
to let me glimpse
as time billows past -
on horizon is lit
faint and far
without falter -
steady in haze
it shines, it beckons
the shimmering lamp of hope
brightens my dim sight

Yes its through You
that I behold?
Your hands
surely guide. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I prefer peace to passion

I want to rest
by gentle shores  
which're lapped 
by tender tides
of water -
those that have touched
graced and peeked
at world from crest
to then
humbly fall 
to embrace
caress the sand 
on land
as they know of pain
when they broke
against rocks
with the passion
of high waters!


If indeed
I am reflection
of Your radiance
refracted through universe
to natural Diversity,
I am content
happy to raise head
join hands, merge, subsume
to disperse the brilliance
of Your Divinity.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

कायरता और कमजोरी में
अंतर है - 
कायर निर्भीक सशक्त सच से
मूंह मोड़ता है
और कमज़ोर सच सह
अवहेलित हो मन कचोटता है
उसकी सहनशक्ति में ही 
वीरता का प्रमाण धरा है.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kal Raat
Nagadon Ji Awaaz Suni thi
Goonjti chingarti
Antraal ke sannaton mein pukarti
Chaukas Mann sun sambhal
Ant yahin kareeb hai.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

सबको ही सानती है
बेदर्द बड़ी 
कमबख्त है
ये ज़िन्दगी!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


As onions peel
from dry withered skin
in layers to reveal
within -
there lay 
tangy succulent  core
Its the nature 
of life!

Robin's call

Robin larked
it rested and called
from swinging twig
that sprouted
from tree
in my fore court;
drawn to the window
my gaze was caught -
merry tree'd put on
shimmers of pink and green.

Colours gracefully crept
up the sprig
that swayed
coy and gay
as newly wed bride
wanting to hide
yet reveal the blossom
to seeing eye.

Morning breeze blew
in teasing stride
touching and twisting
twig to waltz
as robin flew
it announced spring
in its call.

Treasure Trail

As sure as gravity
its the Divine 
Nature's law -
to set one and all
through steeps and twists
that sent us volleying
past ways and maze
at times so narrow
its a struggle to breath!

Then surely with ease
it comes to pass
leads into expanse
to grow and glow
with experience evolve
our beings extend
to reach out 
for the goal -
it is the prize
of every special 
Treasure Trail.

25.1.12 at 11:24 pm
सन्नाटों की सिलवटों
में सिमटी, भीड़ की 
तन्हाई से छटी बैठी है
कहीं, बिलकुल बेखुद सी
ये खुदी.

Human bonds

when those born near
stay apart
by choice
they make place
to be filled
by ones who become dear
for sake of what
you or they are
or feel and believe
in common -
and thus one
becomes entwined, sown
in thread of humanity
strength of these knots
go beyond
stated bonds of blood.

मेरी सांझ ढलती है
तो सेहर तुम्हारी होती है
तुम्हारी रौशनी की खातिर
मेरा सोना ज़रूरी है.

निस निस दिन
घुलती ढलती काया
में हर पल पिसती
पिघलती माया
सिर्फ एक डगर
पर खींचता मन है
हर साँस सहित
जीवन अर्पण है
जहाँ सर्वप्रीत
शांत संवेदना से
मनु प्रतीक मनु व्यवहार
प्रकट हो.

Monday, March 05, 2012

one day at a time

'morrow is uncertain
so today's the day -

minutes inch
make hours
they sign up, adorn
day after day
that's breathed with sigh
and content, lived best
in avid eager way.

regardless of where
next turn takes to head
highs or plunge
lined with colours
of gloom or flowers
that liven onward way
there's reason
to trip on
to bounce and trot
each moment issues call
to revel in its special
to live life to full
- carefree
for every affair's looked after
by thee.

सर्वशक्तिमान ने अपनी
रूह यूं फूँक दिया
कि पार्थव शरीर ने
हर ज़ख्म
हर दर्द से
तिलमिला कर भी
सहज मुस्कराना
सीख लिया!

Monday, February 27, 2012

grope of blind

eyes failed to see
for years
nor did they hear
my ears
they were deaf to
calls of sanity
for the ardour
pushed and i pursued
heedless and blind
till out of breath
with utter indignity
and wee bit of faith
i closed eyes
to silence mind
heaved a sigh
- there I found
with eternity at last
the transient connected!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

jeevan raas

मीठी है
नहीं नहीं इस में तो नमक
का मज़ा है
क्या कहा तुमने -
इस में मदमस्त नशा है?
पर कल तो इस में
कसेलापन घुला था
और जब उसने चखा -
कहा ये क्या मिसरी
का ढ़ेला है?

हाँ पर हर ने ससहमति
सुर मेल भरपूर कहा कि
आज कल और हर हर रोज़:
अभी जीए कहाँ,
बस मात्र रस तो चखा है -
प्रभु कुछ और मिले
फिर लगे ज़रा
कुछ रास मिला
हाँ तेरा जीव जिया है.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Self doesn't exist
was ironic statement that
the leader had writ
to hold captive
control the surge
of connected humanity;
but then miracle unfolded
with cry
of one that yearned
and called for right
to be free of all bond
The revolution of spirit
of every free human
in all ages was thus born -
it arose from sure seat
of heart
that seeks
to liberate Self
to express individuality.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

कई तस्वीरें बिखरी पड़ी हैं
एल्बम में सहेजी
या पिकासा, फेसबूक के
पृष्ठों पे दर्शित
अमूल्य है हर प्रिये प्रियसी
का हार बनी
कोई एक जीवनी का
हिस्सा हैं -
पर मेरे मन से
सब घुल मिट रच बसा है
वोह जिस की प्रतिबिम्ब
तस्वीर बनी
उसकी अनमोल अमूल्य
भिन्न रचना है.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Aha moment

notes of piano
float in through the wall
an unseen hand plays
the high and low
notes reverberate in the hall
its a music to ears
leads spirit to soar
from defeat to defiance
I seek to find
in silence of hours
the Soloist of my soul.