Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Friend is one
who holds your heart
is there,
when you need them
for such a friend
do make concessions
as you would like, treat them
forgive easily their mistakes
accept apology , when sorry's said.
be kind, when they're
out about
living in a strange land.

Accept invitation to be togeth'r
answer greetings with a smile
don't ever treat with boredom
their company is to treasure
Discourage backbiting with,
about them,
prevent from being unfair
persist in giving
good advice,
and stand by when
they've come to hurt,
are subjected to injustice.

Guide them to get back
when they are lost
help redeem losses that may occur
fulfill their trust to very best
take their word to be of honour
sincerely do guard
their secrets
don't ever forsake them
if tide runs high
times become too troubled.

Accept their gifts
with warmth and love
never take them ever
for granted
thank for their help, support
be grateful for assistance
return favours with good
and kind word,
send on and off
a wish.

Extend a hand
when they're 'bout to fall
visit when they are ill
be there for them
at their funeral
to speak of them
as person of character
and good merit,
then affectionately
reach, hug in protection
their family as your own.

Wishing everyone the best of all relationships - FRIENDSHIP

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zindagi mein
tabhi tak -
tufanoon se
guzar basar kar
takleefon ki gard jhad
kuch pal sahi
jab jati hai saj
doston ke sang
hoton par
hansti khilkhilati


It is possible
to rise
from the ashes
with a smile.
Na tumhare sukh mein hum
na hamare dukh mein tum
phir kaisi
ye yaari

Monday, February 22, 2010

I remember

SJC I remember
your vast expanse of grounds-
that spread the world
out there for me
in many a vibrant colour
there I saw esteemed
Sister Mary
as chubby as her kindness
that was there defined
in every single crease
on that friendly face
dignity stood proud
upon a lone white hair
jutting from her chin.

SJC I remember
our nose fronted 'Blue Bus'
it ferried squash'd and squeeling
school kids, plus
my half dozen siblings
from Krishna Puri to
the Ghat Mahendroo
its wheels did steadily reel
screechily when bus
came to halt
were throngs and throngs
of hawkers-
they yelled to shell out
pachak and golgappa
peppered guava did entice
while mouth watering were
the lavishly served
spicy chats of aaloo.

The moustached 'Golden' man
doled out
ice-creams from his box
his indulgent smile
spoke in volumes of satisfaction
it flick'd and gleam'd
as lollies were licked off
we then galloped
on and on, hopped across
rows and rows of
stone bench
to hastily quench
the thirst we drank
from leaky cups
of hand.

SJC I remember
flights of hungry ravens-
in hoards they swooped
down upon mates
who flock'd in grounds
behind shut green gates
to run in merry play
it was then
those beasts descended
to prey at lunch hour
our food was grabbed
snatched taken away
devoured, consumed
in jolly galore;
all we did was turn
our eyes with a sorry sigh
to look up
at the open sky
with tears and dismay

SJC I remember
those ghostly ghostly tales
spun by boarders -
they cheekily played
silly games of planchett
then recounted with brags
of gal nightly visits
and spiritly encounters
to astound and scare
very life off us, who
turned away in gay abandon,
bidding them adieu-
every afternoon
we went to homes
leaving them in school.

SJC I remember
the games - budhiya kabbadi
kho kho, dots and crosses
roses and posies
march to beat of drums
chanting prayers
and hymns were sung
in classrooms and assembly;
sounds of songs rose high
to kiss, reverberate
thru' the beams that adorn'd
our old music hall
a lasting spell was cast upon us
when Bollywood classics
got screened-
then there were
plays, debate, elocution
fancy dress competition
were held to cheer, enchant
there was challenge and salute
with varied talent displays.

SJC I remember
eerie narrow stairs
right beside the auditorium door
that led high
to junior lab and library
it catered with
Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys,
Famous Five, Secret Seven
Naughty Girl of Enid Blyton
thrilled to bits, primed us
for adventures
in our lives.

In lessons were: 'Miss
please excuse me'
for not needed escapades to loo
then were times
when we conspired
to peek inside
the habit to gain
some very naughty views
then were times
of innocent wander
exploring the rear corridors
curiosity brought me
to chance and peep inside
nuns' living quarters
where silence often graced
aisles were quiet
inside the Chapel
where I could get
a taste of peace.

SJC my alma mater
I'll always remember
the decade well spent
learning what
life ought be from you:
physical and social sciences
man is a social animal
problem solving with maths
hand in hand go rights and duty
honour, courage and humility
to let devotion integrity
guide, be compass
when ways felt lost
we learnt here to
say with ease - 'I love you'
and lasting friends for life
I gained so many, SJC
I got much
too much from you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Phir wohi rudali

Kal anayas hi ghoomte ghoomte
cyber ke bikhare pannon par
shabd todate jodate
bahla rahi thi main
apne vichlit man ko -
tab kan kan roondha gaya
mere bachpan ke
ek dost ka gham -
wahi ekaki
wahi rudan tha
wahi thi
paapi prem ki peedan.

Junjhlayi main
kuch kari rudali,
phir man se thi hook uthi -
kyon hum sab sakhi
ghoom rahe bematlab
chahat chahne ke
gol ghunwar mein?
kayi aur bhi to ho sakte the
aur hain bhi masale nit paraye
unhen apnate
aur jee jate hum tum
bin hichki ke.

Kahan khot hai?
kidhar kami thi -
jab rang chadhata tha Vidhata
jab bunte jate the har din
bachpan se dhaage yauwan ke?

Kaal ghalat tha
jab janame the -
ya mamta ka aanchal
seenchta tha vyarth hi
karampath pe aanewale
din ko?

Dosh tha kakscha, katha ka
ya guru dakshina par hi
koyi gaanth padi thi -
jo le gayi woh dayan
bahla ke ham se, tum se,
kisi aur sakhi se
sukh, chain hamara
bik gaya nirarthak
muffat hi sub kuch
loota, sacchi preet ki
laalas aas ne.

Refer poem 'advice' on


Hai darkar mujhe
ek angeethi
jis ke koilon ki
dahak se senk loon
apna thithoorta
soona man.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

today's lesson

All I smell, see
hear and feel to taste
is because the grey cell
works for me.
These work well
and serve right
only with intellect
that foresees -
desire and lust
deliver not
rather settle discontent,
not glee
So wisdom lies 
in awareness
in being conscious
and striving on
incessantly -
to set the spirit free.

Recipe to freedom: dharam, karam & yoga

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Satyamev Jayate

Gandhi ji bole to sahi
shikshak ne bhi seekh dhari
maa ne batlaya tha padh padh -
Satyamev Jayate Jayate

Nahin samajh sake
nadaan bade the
waqt ko phir batlana tha
jab jhooton ki
andhi nagri mein
umar chadhi
ghata ghor ghiri
tab mere dagmag kadmon ne
arth sahaj hi jaana tha
pag hile nahin, hast bali huye
us dum hi-
jab man achran ek jut bole
Satyamev Jayate Jayate.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I loved staying awake
Clambouring out of bed
Each day -
To welcome sound 'n' sight
To ride the highs and low
That was brought in with light.

Things have changed
Ever so slowly silently -
Turning my days
Into long welcome nights
I love falling asleep
again and again.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


I'd met once
not long before -
a mate
who was matched
in mind to mine.

We gazed together
at same horizon
in same frame of time -
spotted hues
smelled fragrance
sought and thought
in ways similar
when nights and days
were chatted away
sipping sizzling cups
of tea and lime.
Our paths had met
once and once alone
by chance, destiny
it was to move on
without any ponderance
on the sweetness of
our rhyme.

We parted road
changed direction
moving on was will of life
No questions there
remained to raise
no need to seek for reason
why it was meant
to look ahead
why couldn't norms
entertain us
why life couldn't be asked
for more of life
in this life?

Never for once
did we stop or listen
to heed melody of our souls,
small surprise then
I never realised-
person that'd been
left behind was
true partner
to my whole.

Not until the night
before did
a realisation dawn
transported I was
shipped ashore
across waters of sublime
Lo behold it seemed
no dream, I was there
in sweet company
it was my friend
with you
I was at home.

We walked
we talked
looked, laughed and
stopped along to listen
pouring forth
in our silence
were no less than
a thousand word
so much was said
not much undone
without utterance
of a kind.

Your glance was set
upon my face-
it warmed aglow
my gaze
without speaking
you raised a hand
to stop from fall
a single drop
holding on to lash.

Lips then moved
while hearts rejoiced -
sanity began to slip
my words flowed alongside
yours in a conversation
divine up along
till pause was reached
in time to seize in heart
the demand
of random flutter.

A surge was felt-
it paved the way
to give in to temptation
hands held abay
pushing away
from sway of stray emotion
when pupils locked
passions razed
to pinnacles of desire
I chose it then
to lay my head
to rest
it was against the heart
I sensed, homecoming
it was forever!

The moment lasted
a fleeting second,
next minute it was gone.
our breaths had risen
to fall in heave
leaving us to wonder
how the hell we'd survived
the blaze of life
with fortitude
and no ardour?

All we did was
to lay and savour
when peace and vigour
gushed in force
from deep tranquil hollows
our souls were filled
right to their brims
for one had met
the other.

I woke up next
in empty bed, turning over
to my side desperately in vain
I tried to hide
as rays of sun
did hit me;
it extinguished
the night, light
extended sight and vision
I c'd see with my stretch
of arms, a working day
had begun.

There was no time
to swoon or moon for
while sweet bliss it was
with you near
no heart breaks now, its okay
even tho' you're gone
for I've had
my chance, a special moment
it'll hold to
make my smile to linger
happily I'll mill about
my daily grind, strive around
till supper.

Rise and shine
I'll my love now, to hum
along the way
I'll search for memories
all day through in experience
that was meant to last
be eternal it was not
yet O how beautiful
it was for sure
when mind had
mated mind!