Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sharebroker called

Sharebroker called:
there's been a slump
market is bust
with share prices record low
the opportunity's best
to sow
for future, its good time
to invest.

I said:
yeah you're right
I've heard on the news
recession's rife
and businesses on close
in millions are numbers
with no wages to keep
families 've broken
lives been lost;
gover'ments announced
public coffers are dry
banks've been funded
for executives to thrive
with workers at strike
home 'n' hearth
at threat-
the present sounds dire,
thanks for the tip;
as stakes seem high
it must be opportune
to risk good fortune
act before delay
hampers any chance
of projected growth
go ahead, do secure
abide by the no'm
can you please buy
for me
the best shares

Friday, June 04, 2010

Zebra Crossing

Four decades
It takes -
more or less
to see across and through
understand the hue
of stripes
in black and white
laid on way
that is meant
to be crossed
to be on other side,
to accept it all
then walk in control
putting on hold
waiting traffic rush
as its time here
to let fears go
be safely on move
for at middle age
is reached-
the zebra crossing
of life.


I was a small-town girl
so grew up
chatting, talking, laughing
living life with a swirl.

I am now
a grown up part
of a complex globe:
with changed dynamics
in order to survive
it is inevitable to try
struggle to belong
instead of self
to a plexus of people
that take pride
more than themselves
in those that they know
by positions they hold;
so energies are spent
to painstakingly plan
where to be and when
how to sell
self credentials of worth
look happy, wear smile
feign cheer to befriend -
never the person
but their post is beheld.

I too do
still chat, interact
communicate, connect
and talk with a screen
when reading and listening
in between the said line,
I however remain
consciously on guard
to save from hurt
li'l girl that hides
behind expertly worn
veneer of a pro'
as regretfully with past
ways of the carefree
are gone-
it seems indeed
into a jangle of nerves
I am truly networked!