Saturday, March 12, 2011


Fine lines
have formed
to etch crevices across
face of time
that savours memories
sweet and savoury
of lifetime
that was lived
stamped as mine!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Old Jotting on 21.3.91

Kayi chehre hain
maanvi jo jungle
mein jeete
zaroor zinda kehlaate
armaanon mein dhale
saje sanwre magar
ret se bhurbhure
ghar basate pyar se khokhle
niradhaar jo tike hain
aisi zameen par
jahan aksar -
waqt ke
bhayanak tufaan uthte hain.

Self aware

Clay in me
draws forth self
for fleshly desires
I lust, seek more
than need be.

Spirit from You
lightens the load
buoyant it rises
in me -
from depths and dark
I alight to see
in comprehension
wings spread,
to take of in flight
solely and only
to Thee.