Sunday, June 30, 2013

Desire and destiny

Paths of desire and destiny
reportedly go separate ways

Desire highways
over and across
scintillating flames
that blaze to devour
it feeds 
fuel to Hellfire
for hereafter.

Destiny on the other hand
courses over dull terrains
in surrender and hope
that it'll
inch closer so
will allow peek 
or rest in grandeur
it'll bring 
at very least closer
to the eternal garden
of Heaven.

Consciousness then
silently reveals
Yet another path 
there is indeed
a serene trail 
of peaceful ease -
with eyes of will
delivers safe
to haven 
every soul
wrapped warm within
a shawl
of rainbow hues
they go all the way
from desire
to desired destiny.

I am

I am
existence and consciousness
of love, truth and peace;
am content 
as created by You
however if there seem
a gaping gap 
or ugly hole
in any part -
I will ask nought of any;
All I'll do
is to humbly beseech
in surrender bow
for then its up to You
Almighty, for me
only You can open the door

to walk through 
To deliver 
this fragmented 
Soul within
to its Grand Whole.


Since you're
wanting to commit,
I ask -
Just be there for me 
to rest in knowing
There's someone who
cares more than 
Loved ones through
Vows of marriage
Or bonds of blood could
Ever do....
you're welcome
to be the friend 
I need indeed!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

'Ziddi', 'pagal'
Stubborn, insane
Mad, maverick -
These titles adorn my mantle
Awarded by sane souls
Who I chanced upon
Journeying thru' my life
I read, I smile
And ask - why
Am I being honoured so?
Just because I chose 
To stand by
Regardless of scorch or shade
Colour or creed
For every cause 
That touched my soul
I dared to look
Into life's eye!

My bed

My bed's my boat
Where I
Dwell and dream
sometimes float
glide with thoughts
setting to sail
resting on wings
of timeless time -
from earth
I soar to sky.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A superficial scald
From spill of a cup of tea
Was all it took
For You
To set seal
Mark me
Leave me branded for lifetime?

Week after week
I've been out to check
To only find
While all else has healed
This mark 
unfaded  untainted by time
Adorns my skin
Brandishing against pale 
With its dark mystic shine

I smile now - well aware 
It's not ordinary
I was branded thus
Devoutly to Dance
Alone in attendance 
as Thine!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today -
I just want to listen
to you, him and her
for I've nothing of worth
to offer, 
or to speak to any
for all I expressed before
was mere broth
it sizzled succulently
of tales ego wove
to set forth illusion
it'd imagined for self
and now that its gone
its still
and aware to pain
that’s there 
to linger a while ....
wanting me to savour
and forever remember 
the sweet after-taste 
of what remains now of me -
here I alone
am the I, me, mine
of existence over time
I was meant to perceive
in its entirety
so in silence 
here and now

I just wanna be

Monday, June 10, 2013

shadow of dusk

today on evening walk
i noted
my shadow was tall
taller than
the apparently real form,
it carried with ease
eagerly forth
the smaller girth
of me
had no fear of fall.

why had I so fret then
I thought -
to do this or that
it mattered not when
i never was
in charge of how
sun's light will fall
on stage of illusion!

the puppet moved
in wayward moves
till mind and body vied
to take precedence
to control
the Scriptwriter's scroll

it was only when
Self unentangled of strings
in surrender to puppeteers call
it danced with grace
with roaring applause
thru', until the curtain call!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Jotted on 22.4.13

सरकते सायों के दरमियाँ 
थम कर जब 
पलट काँधे से परे तका 
तो पाया -
एक अकेली लौ 
यूं थरथरा रही थी 
मानों सामने फिसलते अंधेरों को 
दुरदुरा रही थी
मेरा हौंसला बढ़ा रही थी 
बस इतनी दमक से 
कि देख सकूं एक कच्ची डगर 
जो सामने बढ़ने का नियोता दिए चली थी,
काफी है ये प्रकाश 
मेरे आज के लरजते दिल को
कि संभल उठा सकूँ कदम ...
डगमगाते स्वाभिमान को यकीन की कमी थी 
तुमने बड़ी आसानी से
राह दिखा पुरी कर दी।