Saturday, June 28, 2014

Here I'm about to turn
another page -
knowing full well
climax is over;
it's time to focus Scribe
the epilogue is here -
every act, each character
has had a play
while my back's bare,
plate empty
hands in clear
I sigh in content
for Mulan of my soul 
has had her day
Pixie has flit about
in gay abandon
while the Puckish me
imp-ed without a care
the well meaning truant
has delved in all -
so pick pen afresh
with final stroke
prepare for curtain call
let the finale be a line
that lays me to somber rest 
in happy sleep of oblivion
to any clap and roar.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Two faces of love

I fell in love 
When I turned 
To others seeking some affection.
I rose in love
When I turned to You
For healing of my affliction.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Let peace remain

News of war
Breaks in my space
Conquer, plunder - 
The hideous game is on once again
World of many being made to feel 
An unsafe place to be 
In despair, I hold on to my seat 
On prayer mat today
To say - 
Love, mistrust, blame, let down
Seem all too trivial
To complain or moan about
When ravages of war plummet to plunder
With loss of life and honour
It makes sense to pray 
Forego all that I've asked
Let all desires go away
Every item
Ever placed on my list of wish
Turn them to dust and ash
Yes, let every call
Issued from depth
Of this pining heart 
Be ignored
As not worthy
Of being being heeded or fulfilled
But, please just and just
Let peace remain
Every single day
For one and all.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

लहरों की तरह 
रेलते हैं  ख़्या
कुछ सपने कई याद
दोनों की दस्तक,
निरंतर तकरार
मुझे समोने नहीं देतीं
अपने समस्त को
उस सागर में
जिस की असीमता में
सुकून का आभास है
तो या तो लहर रोक दो
या मुझे खींच लो
झूठे किनारों से परे
कि मैंने पाया है -
लहरें किनारों से 
टकरा, उनपे ही अपना
दम तोड़ती हैं ।

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

तुम मुकम्मल
मुकम्मल तुम्हारी कायनात
और ये तुम्हारे नामुकम्मल अंश 
होने का नर्म सा अहसास!

पानी और आग

आक्रोश अग्नि है
प्यार पानी
जल जिलाता है
क्रोध मानवता का
अहसास धूँऐं में
उड़ाता है,
बारिश रेत या पहाड़
को अपनी निर्मलता से 
यकसाँ गीला कर जाती है
आग अपने ताप में समां
हर शैय को भस्म
हर अस्तित्व निगल
खुद भी बुझ जाती हैै
यूँ तो हमारे संचार में
दोनों का योगदान है
बिन अग्नि जीना मुमकिन
पर बिन जल ज़िंदगी का 
कोई ईमकान है?

Water rises up

On pages of Facebook
a friend titillated
to comment -
how I felt 
about water that 
always flows down
while flames of scorch
rose to height;
I responded to say -

Water is life giving;
it flows down to human
from the Source of Divine;
it is mercy released
to quench thirst
of earth and earthly kind,
it cleanses and purges,
washes to prepare 
removes mark and stain
leaving vessel as clear
with a glint and shine.

Fire is passion 
of matter and flesh -
it rises to expand
engulf and scorch
all in its way,
it serves to cook
yielding life through 
simmer of digestive fire
it turns raw to tender,
yes, like water
it too purifies -
while raging in splendour
the offering is consumed 
the dance of flames
leaves nought of desired
taking all in its fold
it chooses to devour
pent up life is thus
burnt to ash.

Let's be connected
Lets be one
In collective consciousness
Let each come together 
To make a peaceful whole
When it emerges 
To exit illusion out of prism
It is inevitable -
That rays will join to meet 
Merge to form
A Radiant white 
That's to illuminate 
Reason behind 
Cycles of death and birth.

Light had fragmented 
As it passed 
From ether to earth
To manifest Its beauty
In creative splendour
Serve the purpose
Then rejoin as One
In this Eternal truth
Lies our strength
From Him have we come 
To Him shall we return
And whilst still in prism
Its to live the intent 
With which we colour
Rainbow of life.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


कई दीवाने

तुम्हें चाहने वाले

सब छोड़ तुम्हें पाने 

की होड़ में 

वीरगति पाने वाले

गुरू बन 

राह दिखाते है ,

इस तलब की

एक मात्र तपस -

सनमः हरी नाम

सब गुनगुनाते हैं ।

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Be free

Love presents in life 
In several form - 
Some gives and takes
Blames and praise
Support and share,
The fairest face 
that I have known
My dear was of One 
that frees to raise.
Reflecting on that
Which Shams asked of Rumi-
What do you seek?
What's worth seeking?
Mate? Money? Mirth?
All fade and pall
When faced with lure 
Of having You in all
That life brings
You are the sought sole 
Every wayfarer's 
Desired destiny.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

मेरा दीन

मैंने पढ़ा तुमको
जनगण से सुना तुमको
प्रकृति में दृशा तुमको
अस्तित्व में महसूस किया
फिर जा के पाया वह
जिसे दिल ने परम आत्मा मान
अपने आपे का 
रब क़ुबूल किया ।

Undoing the bond

Snatam hums ...
breathe love in your quiet centre
And I breathe in
With all my gut
My love that dwells 
In your never ceasing thought
Then realisation spells -
Breath of love
Is beyond bondage
In truth
Inspired knowledge
Of love and loved one
Decimates self and ego
Paving way to freedom
For both
It's with this knowing 
that out I blow 
with all might mustered in my being
I send your thoughts away.

I matter not

I am not Sabina,
Then 'who am I?'-
The heart speaks the eternal truth
Who else then I could be
But That 
Which permeates all
I am you and you 
And in all you
Is He.

Monday, June 02, 2014

I belong

Long ago
When windmills that fuelled
Me with energy for life 
Shut down
I realised then
In darkness of that time
What the throb of soul 
Calls upon
Is for belonging to One
Rest all gives solution
Too transient and transitory
To truly rely upon.

Happy alone

Illusions leave -
There isn't room
Nor space, nor time
To believe
Or receive
Empty words 
That'll never be actioned.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

He loves me, he loves me not

He calls me confused
When truth is 
I've never before seen
With such clarity 
And understood
That when lover
Rather than reach
Beyond all matter
To simply be together
Melt in other 
With peace and serenity
Of plain expressions,
Plays games 
Of blame or ardour, questions
Dons cover
Chooses excuse and ease
One after another 
Of dearth or distance -
He wasn't ever
He is not
He will never be
In love at all.

इश्क़ दूभर है

कलमा पढ़ा तो ज़िन्दगी
आसान से दुश्वार हो गयी
कुफ़र लापरवाह था -
ईमान में मैं आशिक़
रब्बे दो जहाँ हो गई !