Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I prefer peace to passion

I want to rest
by gentle shores  
which're lapped 
by tender tides
of water -
those that have touched
graced and peeked
at world from crest
to then
humbly fall 
to embrace
caress the sand 
on land
as they know of pain
when they broke
against rocks
with the passion
of high waters!


If indeed
I am reflection
of Your radiance
refracted through universe
to natural Diversity,
I am content
happy to raise head
join hands, merge, subsume
to disperse the brilliance
of Your Divinity.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

कायरता और कमजोरी में
अंतर है - 
कायर निर्भीक सशक्त सच से
मूंह मोड़ता है
और कमज़ोर सच सह
अवहेलित हो मन कचोटता है
उसकी सहनशक्ति में ही 
वीरता का प्रमाण धरा है.