Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Invisible Teacher

Big thanks to 
The Invisible Teacher
He knows what is the lesson
most suited for us
In this and every hour.
As tons of gratitude
Flow from heart
I choose to pray
May His Light 
Lovingly guide
Every seeker of truth 
on the way
that leads
to His grace 
and acceptance. 

PS: Feeling grateful for reads of Deliverance from Error and The Just Balance - Both by Ghazali in the 11th/12th century.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beyond heaven and hell

I seek to define
a niche for myself
that steers clear
of promises
of any boundaries of heaven or hell.

for these neither inspire
nor instil any fear
to incline me to seek to possess
a paradisal fortune
grand opulence or charm of youth
there's no desire
to rest by rivers of milk
i thirst not to drink
of goblets of wine
for these appear
mere trappings that lure
to clothe ego
with pretence of eternal shine.

neither do I wish
to experience fire of hell
purulent drinks, its stench or the slime
or repugnant feel of crawl 
when reptile or insect
comes to creep inside
in crevices of singed, scorched skin.

I've had leisure
of many a pleasure
and I've burned enough
with anguish and pain
without loyalty and love
tasted venom of betrayal
which couldn't have been less
than sting of viper
or another poisonous snake!

So release me
set free with Your Love
set my records to clear
for i am willing to reside
let me be
on scroll of Your roll
to honour and serve
I'll eternally abide
with promise of intent -
despite foil and folly
I'll  endeavour
to follow, what little
Ive understood of Your will.

Do take me to Yourself
beyond inferno and bliss
You've been my quest
since a while ago
just let me dwell
in a humble abode
by base of Your throne
i'll find a seat
and keep equanimity and peace
to give company to soul.

Friday, January 16, 2015

वक़्त के कोलाहल से परे
सन्नाटों मे बसना अच्छा लगता है
यूँ कि इसके अंतराल में
तुम्हारे क़ुदरत के ताल की 
सरगोशी सुनती हुँ।

Thursday, January 15, 2015

यहां दस्तक ना दो

मेरा कोहबर मेरा वजूद है
और यहाँ ख़ामोशी ही मौजूद है
चमक-दमक, रंग-वंग के ख़रीदार 
यहाँ दस्तक ना दो -
तुम्हारी हसरतें परवाज़ की ख़्वाहिशमंद ठहरीं
मेरी चारदीवारी बहुत महदूद है ।