Monday, May 14, 2012


دل کا ہر گوشہ خالی ہے
اور لوح میں میرا پتا پڑا ہے
!ــــ  چلےآؤ 

Mates for life

What worth is friendship
that lasts for time
that's bright as the day
when sun shines
wholesomely to warm.

That one that
cares to last
in rain and sleet
through winterly breeze
when weather growls
and turns to grey
and clouds outpour
grief, or wrath of heaven,
its then that
dampened soul
learns whom to trust, hold on
cherish for life
true mate and friend
that heart did yearn to find.


The shawl of gloom
wraps me warm,
and at times
lifts its veil
to let me glimpse
as time billows past -
on horizon is lit
faint and far
without falter -
steady in haze
it shines, it beckons
the shimmering lamp of hope
brightens my dim sight

Yes its through You
that I behold?
Your hands
surely guide.